Kings College, London

ALLC Working party on Networks and Databases

14 June

This working party was set up by the ALLC Committee about a year ago to investigate the feasibility of distributing text processing applications amongst a number of sites internationally, evaluating the effectiveness of existing comms networks, and to prepare an international directory of resources such as machine readable texts and programs. Representatives from the U.S.A.,Italy, Germany and tho U.K form its membership. I was co-opted to the Working Party at the Cambridge ALLC Symposium, and, together with a programmer from Swansea, presented a draft report on the structure of a database to hold information about machine readable texts at this meeting. The proposed directory would include information about characteristics, availability and applications of existing machine readable texts everywhere; as a first step it will enable the contents of the Oxford Archive to be catalogued more effectively than at present. The structure proposed, five interlinked Famulus files, has the advantage (that it can be easily implemented at Swansea, and subsequently interfaced to an IDMS database at Oxford for general access. The directory would hopefully be updated on-line, and might be published using the Lasercomp, or on fiche. Swansea have agreed to provide labour, and are investigating the possibility of getting further funding for the project. More details in the minutes, when produced.

[hand annotation: NB Only Joan showed up!! (Tonino was delayed – Jim couldn't make it – John mysteriously absent – Winfried too busy – Hey ho.]