IUSC Working Party on Development of Famulus

At this second meeting of the working party, I presented a paper describing the current state of Famulus and putting forward the various proposals for improving it that I have accumulated over the years. My paper which summarises the features of 6 different implementations of the package in 4 pages was tolerably well received and it was agreed that it should form the basis of a circular to all Universities and Polytechnics' Computing Services to elicit information about other versions of Famulus, other proposals, and to estimate the requirement for packages of this type. This circulation will be done before October (not by me); the Working Party hopes to report back, probably recommending that someone should be funded to tidy-up ythe source and add the most popular extensions to it, (not me) by the end of the year. It was generally felt that there was about 6 man-months of effort needed to bring the package up to scratch and to add the required enhancements. It was tentatively proposed that the work might be carried out at Manchester or York, and that Edinburgh PLU might become a central distribution site for the package, but since neither York nor PLU were present at the meeting, these proposals were deferred till after the feed back – if any – from the circulation.