IUSC Famulus Working Party

22 June 1983 L.Burnard


The 'reasonable subset' of the package still hovers tantalisingly on the horizon. After slippage due as much to compiler problems as to general lethargy, it now seems that October will be our best date for a test version.Further modifications to the common block structure as described in my working paper of 15 June were discussed and agreed. A lengthy argument about how strings should be delimited in commands ensued. My (I thought) uncontentious view that *can't* was a lot simpler to understand than 'can''t' eventually carried the day.Some reorganisation of the way the routines are distributed across filestore and some sort of mechanism for agreeing and implementing bug corrections were felt to be necessary. I agreed to undertake the former, but not the latter.I tried (unsuccessfully) to get some helpful suggestions on what to admit to about the package when I address the IUSC Workshop next month. We did agree that some sort of centralised distribution and a licence agreement would have to be worked out. The future willingness of PLU to act as distributors for not very profitable packages being cast in doubt following the appointment of their new director, I expressed the view that OUCS might consider acting as distributors for the new package, provided that some help in maintenance would be forthcoming.Some progress had been made in communications! Thanks to the fabled Cambridge Ring, I had managed to send lots of files to the Rutherford. It was hoped to send them to Edinburgh, and also suck them back from the same later on this month.