XML Europe 99


At the end of April 99, I spent a week in Granada courtesy of the GCA, where I attended the XML Europe 99 conference. The price of this privilege was that I had to pay attention during all the sessions, and then give a closing address at the end of the conference, after a very sybaritic lunch (see below).

I duly attended, and took assiduous notes, (and then lost them all which is why I don't have a visit report to post). I gave my closing plenary from a series of bullet points on my laptop, which lead several people to assume that I had actually prepared a serious talk, and, more seriously, to ask me for copies of the slides afterwards.

I have therefore attempted to confect a more or less plausible version of what I actually said, written out in my best joined-up writing: and here it is. Just for fun, I wrote it in XML, using the newly minted XML version of the TEI Lite DTD, so you should be able to read it with almost anything....

The view from the podium