Life with Me: 1991

At the start of January, I went to Lancaster for the first time, where I gave a seminar to Geoff Leech and a roomful of Lancastrians about TEI matters. At the end of the month, I went to Brussels for a one day meeting with my colleague on the ET6 project, Sema. This was much less surreal than the trip which followed: a three day expedition to Budapest for a conference on Renaissance Matters, with W MCarty, D Robey, and others, hosted by ?.

In March I took in a long series of North American engagements, beginning with a flu-ridden trip to Kingston Ont for the second meeting of the ML committee, followed by a few days "planning" with MSM in Chicago (7-11), and a side trip to Boulder (Col) for a visit with Mike Preston, en route to the ACH-ALLC Conference at Tempe, Arizona,(14-22) and its concomitant meetings of SC and Wkshop.

In April, the Queen's Machine finally left. Undeterred, I attended the AHC's impossibly huge workgroup on historical data (with Lilette) in Southampton. And then went to Luxembourg for a Eurotra Workshop (16). A BNC Task Group C meeting in London (17th). I gave a talk at Kingston Poly (18).

In May, I attended the ICAME Conference held at Craiglands Hotrel in Ilkley, where I had a great time and tried unsuccessfully to recruit John Barnard for the TEI. Later in the month, I went to Amsterdam and gave a talk to the Dutch SGML Users Group's annual conference, and then on to Essex for a workshop on historical data organizxed by the ESRC Data Archive (1 June).

Mid June, I was back across the atlantic, this time even more implausibly, for a four day Steering Committee meetring in Berkeley San Franciso. (15-19). At the end of the month, the first ever TEI European Workshop was held in Oxford (29-30), followed by the first ever two day Affiliated Projects conference. Heavy duty stuff.

In July, with Lilette away at an OU summer school, and Belinda touring Spain with her choir, Guy came to babysit for a few days, thus enabling me to participate in an emotionally fraught re-run of the TEI Workshop at Brown, and a cursory meeting of the TEI Hypertext workgroup (20 -26).

August began with a busy couple of days in Oslo with Stig Johansson and others on the TEI Spoken text Workgroup; I also gave a talk to the Norwegian SGML User Group. 18-19th I was in Cambridge, for what I cannot remember. At the end of the month I went on a minor Scandinavian tour, taking in Odense for the AHC conference (27-30th), and Stockholm for a meeting of TEI workgroup TR6 (30-2 sept).

September I managed to stay in Oxford all month, and various meetings came to me for a change. These included a meeting of the BNC's Advisory Council on the 20th, at which various luminaries, notably D Crystal, R Quirk, poured varying amounts of scorn on the project. On the 27th, the newly chartered TEI Workgroup on poetry (TR10) met under David Robey's aegis at Wolfson, followed by a SC meeting at the Hockeys. The New OED Conference conference was held at St Catherines 30th-1st Oct, and featured the famous debate on representativeness in corpora. Further TEI meetings occurred at the start of October (AI5, AI2, SC), and Susan Hockey finally left Oxford.

October 19th I was back in Boston for a brief visit to Elli and David and a tour of the Computer Museum before going on to SGML91 in the Omni Hotel at Providence, from which I returned on the 24th, just in time for Lilette's exams on the 25th. MSM visited 27-9.

November began with a visit to AIS in Paris, en route to a meeting of the TEI workgroup on literary matters in a hotel in Brussells. On the 7th, I gave a talk in Manchester to four professors, at the invitation of ?. On the 14th, I met MSM at a seedy hotel in Hounslow, so that we could get a decent night's kip before setting off on an early flight to Bergen and thence to Myrdal for the TEI Workgroup conference. On the 23rd I flew to Kansas City for some huge American Biblical conference (AAR/SBL) which MSM and I used as a pretext for continued TEI editorial work.

December seems to have been fairly quiet, with only a brief appearance at CATH91 in Durham.