1 Overview

This document describes an XML document type definition, the purpose of which is to represent in a single layer all of the metadata components constituting an archival information package (AIP), according to the forthcoming international standard OAIS. The description here may be regarded as an instantiation of the conceptual model described by OAIS, tailored to the particular needs identified in the CEDARS Project.

The OAIS is....

The CEDARS project is ...

CEDARS has already defined a metadata framework document, on which the present document is based. In particular, the present document assumes (and instantiates) the same hierarchic structure for the CEDARS archival information package as is presented in the earlier document, and attempts wherever possible to maintain a correspondence between the two.

The present document assumes some understanding of the basic concepts of XML and also of OAIS on the part of the reader. Introductory information on XML is available at many places, e.g. ... For introductory information on OAIS, err, good luck.