6 Publications

For each conference, there will be at least three forms of publication: a pre-conference Book of Abstracts, a web site, and a post-conference edited highlights volume.

The Local Organizer is responsible for the production in print form of a book of abstracts to be distributed to all delegates as part of the conference registration. The Organizer is also responsible for provision of pre-conference information in electronic form on a website linked to the main DRH website at http://www.drh.org ; this pre-conference information need not include the full text of abstracts, but should include the provisional programme and should be regularly updated during the immediate pre-conference period.

To optimize preparation of these pre-conference materials, the Local Organizer is recommended to include guidelines about acceptable formats for submissions in the CFP.

A selection of papers from each conference should be made for formal publication, normally under the editorship of the Programme Chair and the Local Organiser, plus any additional persons they may wish to invite, and normally with the OHC, though a particular Local Organizer may choose another publisher, with the approval of a two-thirds majority of the PC.

If a greater number of papers of publishable quality are received than can be accommodated in the volume of Selected Papers, the Editors should actively seek to arrange for their publication in appropriate journals, such as Literary and Linguistic Computing or Computers and the Humanities .