3 Procedures

3.1 Bidding Process

Bids to host DRH will be solicited annually, two years in advance, and evaluated by the Standing Committee

Evaluation criteria will include:

The Protocol defined by this document must be formally accepted by a potential Local Organizer as a part of the bidding procedure.

Bids should be submitted to the Standing Committee at least two years in advance; successful bids will be announced at the conclusion of the DRH conference two years before hand.

3.2 Defining the Programme

The conference will typically contain a mixture of

Not all of these components need be present in each conference. It is the responsibility of the Programme Committee to agree on the mixture for a given year, and to ensure an appropriate balance amongst them. The Appendix to this document includes further, non-binding, suggestions about ways of organizing these components in a way which has been found to be successful in previous conferences.

For a given conference, a Call for Participation (CFP) will be issued in November of the year preceding the conference, specifying the components required. Preparation of the CFP is the responsibility of the Local Organiser. It may not however be published without approval by a two-thirds majority of the Programme Committee.

Proposals for posters, papers, and sessions at a conference will be evaluated by the Programme Committee, with the assistance of external reviewers as appropriate.

Special sessions or papers may be solicited by members of the Programme Committee or others, but should also be reviewed.

Subject to prior approval by a two-thirds majority of the Programme Committee, the Local Organizer and Programme Chair may also invite a small number (two, or exceptionally three) of plenary speakers, whose contributions will not be subject to review.

3.3 Review Process

The Conference Chair and Local Organizer will jointly assign proposals to individual reviewers taken from a list maintained by the Standing Committee. Neither the Conference Chair nor the Local Organizer for a conference may submit a proposal, unless by invitation of the Programme Committee. Members of the Programme Committee and reviewers may submit proposals, but every effort must be made to ensure impartiality and confidentiality. Reviewers should be asked to declare any possible conflict of interest which may affect their judgment of proposals submitted to them.

The Programme Committee will decide on a review protocol (covering such topics as the number of reviewers for each proposal, conduct of the review, default actions etc.). Some suggested guidelines are given in the Appendix to this document: in general, all academic contributions to the conference should be peer-reviewed.

Proposals from commercial companies are welcomed, provided that they are not solely intended to promote a particular service. They should be reviewed in the same way as academic proposals. Proposals of a purely commercial or promotional nature should form part of a software demonstration or exhibition strand rather than the academic programme.