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The following links provide basic information on the corpus texts, such as names of authors, titles, date and place of publication and identification number within the corpus. For further material, see the manual of information accompanying the corpus, 'The World is Ruled and Governed by Opinion': The Lampeter Corpus of Early Modern English Short Tracts.

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    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    Thomas HillThe Trade of Truth Advanced in a Sermon Preached to the Honourable House of Commons, [...] London, 1642RelA1642
    [Henry Hammond] Of Scandall [...] Oxford, 1644RelB1644
    Joseph SedgwickA sermon, preached at St. Marie's in the University of Cambridge May 1st, 1653.London, 1653RelA1653
    John CookA true relation of Mr. Iohn Cook's passage by sea from Wexford to Kinsale in that great storm [...] Cork/London, 1650RelB1650
    Richard SherlockA sermon preached at a visitation, held at Warrington in Lancashire May 11, 1669.London, 1669RelA1669
    Henry JonesA sermon of Antichrist, preached at Christ-Church, Dublin. Novemb. 12. 1676.London, 1679RelB1679
    [John Owen] Indulgence and toleration considered: in a letter unto a person of honour.London, 1667RelB1667
    William PennA just rebuke to one & twenty learned and reverend Divines (so called) [...] 1674RelB1674
    Thomas PittisAn old way of ending new controversies; in a sermon preached to the comptoller, and the rest of the gentlemen of the [...] Inner Temple: [...] 1682RelA1682
    Elinor JamesMrs. James's Vindication of the Church of England, [...] London, 1687RelB1687
    John PiggottA good king and his people, the special care of heaven. A sermon [...] London; 1696RelA1696
    Humphry HodyA letter from Mr. Humphrey Hody [...] concerning a collection of canons said to be deceitfully omitted in his edition of the Oxford treatise against schism [...] Oxford, 1692RelB1692
    John WallerReligion and loyalty, or the reverence due both to Church and state, asserted in a sermon, [...] Cambridge, 1708RelA1708
    [William Higden] The case of sureties in baptism.London, 1701RelB1701
    Samuel WrightA funeral sermon, upon the sudden and much lamented death of Dr. Francis Upton; [...] London, 1711RelA1711
    Anne RobertsThe Flying Post posted: or, An answer to a late pamphlet of that author's call'd The Chichester dean, [...] London, 1718RelB1718
    Joseph TrappThe dignity, and benefit, of the priesthood; [...] London, 1721RelA1721
    Francis HareScripture vindicated from the misinterpretations of the Lord Bishop of Bangor: [...] London, 1721RelB1721
    Arthur BedfordA sermon [...] Occasioned by the erecting of a play house in the neighbourhood [...] London, 1730RelA1730
    John HenleyLight in a candlestick, to all that are in the House: Or, the impartial churchman [...] London, 1730RelB1730



    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    John CampbellSeverall speeches, spoken by [...] Lord High Chancellor of the Kingdome of Scotland [...] Edinburgh, 1646PolA1646
    [James Howell] A Venice looking-glasse: or, A letter written very lately from London to Rome [...] 1648PolB1648
    Nathaniel FiennesThe speech of the right honourable the Lord Fiennes made before his Highnesse, and both houses of Parliament [...] London, 1659PolA1659
    Edward Sexby (Silas Titus?)Killing, no murder [...] London, 1659PolB1659
    [Slingsby Bethel] The world's mistake in Oliver Cromwell [...] London, 1667PolA1668
    [Edmond Peirce] England's monarchy asserted [...] London, 1660PolB1660
    [George Villiers] A letter to Sir Thomas Osborn, one of his Majesties Privy Council, upon the reading of a book, called The present interest of England stated. London, 1672PolA1672
    Thomas TurnorThe case of the bankers and their creditors. Stated and examined [...] 1674PolB1674
    [William Assheton] The royal apologie: or, an answer to the rebels plea [...] London, 1684PolA1684
    [Robert Ferguson] The late proceedings and votes of the parliament of Scotland [...] Glasgow, 1689PolB1689
    [Archibald Foyer, Andrew Fletcher] (attr.)A defense of the Scots settlement at Darien. [...] Edinburgh, 1699PolA1699
    J. Ashton [Edward Fowler]An answer to the paper delivered by Mr. Ashton at his execution to Sir Francis Child [...] London, 1690PolB1690
    [Thomas Wagstaffe] The present state of Jacobitism in England. A second part. In answer to the first.London, 1702PolA1702
    John Hamilton The Lord Beilhaven's speech in the Scotch Parliament [...] on the subject-matter of an union betwixt the two kingdoms [...] 1706PolB1706
    John OldisworthReasons for Restoring the Whigs.London, 1711PolA1711
    [Daniel Finch] (attr.)Observations upon the State of the Nation, in January 1712/13.London, 1713PolB1713
    [John Toland] Reasons most humbly offered [...] why the Bill [...] entitul'd, An Act for the better securing the dependency of the kingdom of Ireland upon the Crown of Great-Britain, shou'd not pass into a law [...] London, 1720PolA1720
    John Trueman (pseud.)An examination and resolution of the two questions following, viz. First, Whether Unfreemen can Vote in our Wardmote Elections. Secondly, Whether Freemen paying to one or more Scots, and not to all, shall be qualified to Vote in those Elections. London, 1724PolB1724
    [Horatio Walpole] The case of the Hessian forces [...] London, 1731PolA1731
    [John Hervey] Observations on the writings of the Craftsman.London, 1730PolB1730


    Economy & Trade

    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    [Richard Kilvert] A reply to a most untrue relation [...] by certaine vintners, in excuse of their wine project.1641EcA1641
    East India CompanyThe petition and remonstrance of the governour and company of merchants of London trading to the East Indies [...] London, 1641EcB1641
    Anon.The Advocate.London, 1652EcA1652
    Walter BlithThe English improver improved or the Survey of husbandry surveyed [...] London, 1653EcB1653
    Thomas CulpepperA discourse ,shewing the many advantages which will accrue to this kingdom by the abatement of usury [...] London, 1668EcA1668
    Francis CradockeAn expedient for taking away all impositions, and for raising a revenue without taxes [...] London, 1660EcB1660
    Anon.Is not the hand of Joab in all this? Or An enquiry into the grounds of a late pamphlet intituled, The mystery of the new-fashioned-goldsmiths or bankers, &c. [...] 1676EcA1676
    Anon.An Answer to Two Letters, Concerning the East-India Company.1676EcB1676
    Anon.The Trade of England Revived: And the Abuses thereof Rectified, [...] London, 1681EcA1681
    Josiah ChildA treatise wherein is demonstrated [...] That the East India Trade is the most national of all foreign trades [...] London, 1681EcB1681
    [Pollexfen, John] England and East India inconsistent in their manufactures. [...] London, 1697EcA1697
    W[illiam] C[ulliford] or W. C[anning] (Wing)A discourse (by way of essay) humbly offer'd to the consideration of the Honourable House of Commons, towards the raising moneys by an excise [...] London, 1696EcB1696
    John BroughtonRemarks upon the Bank of England [...] London, 1705EcA1705
    James PuckleEngland's Path to wealth and honour between an English-man and a Dutch-man [...] London, 1700EcB1700
    [William Cleland] Some observations, shewing the danger of losing the trade of the sugar colonies.London, 1714EcA1714
    [(William?) Broome] Wednesday club-law: or, The injustice, dishonour, and ill policy of breaking into parliamentary contracts for publick debts [...] London, 1717EcB1717
    Anon.A letter to a member of parliament, concerning the naval store-bill, brought in last session [...] London, 1720EcA1720
    John MeresThe equity of Parliaments, and publick faith, vindicated; in an answer to the Crisis of property [...], and address'd to the annuitants [...] London, 1720EcB1720
    [Fayrer Hall] Remarks upon a book, entituled, the present state of the sugar colonies consider'd.London, 1731EcA1731
    Joseph DaviesAn humble proposal for the increase of our home trade, and a defence to Gibraltar [...] London, 1731EcB1731



    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    William LillyMerlinus Anglicus junjor: the English Merlin revived; or, His prediction upon the affaires of the English Common-wealth [...] London, 1644SciA1644
    John GregorieThe description and use of the terrestrial globe.London, 1650 [1649] SciB1649
    Cressy Dymock et al.A discoverie for division or setting out of land, as to the best form.London, 1653SciA1653
    Peter HeylinCosmographie in four bookes [...] Ch. "Of Swethland".London, 1652SciB1552
    John Wallis"An essay of Dr. John Wallis, exhibiting his hypothesis about the flux and reflux of the sea [...] " Philosophical Transactions 16, August 6, 1666.London, 1666SciA1666
    Richard HollandGlobe notes per R.H.[Oxford?], 1666SciB1666
    Robert HookeAn attempt to prove the motion of the earth from observations [...] London, 1674SciA1674
    Thomas GuidottA discourse of Bathe, and the hot waters there. Also, Some Enquiries into the Nature of the water [...] London, 1676SciB1676
    Walter CharletonThree anatomic lectures, concerning 1. The motion of the bloud through the veins and arteries; [...] London, 1683SciA1683
    Robert BoyleExperiments and considerations about the porosity of bodies, in two essays.London, 1684SciB1684
    William AlinghamA Short Account of the Nature and Use of Maps.London, 1698SciA1698
    [John Woodward] Brief instructions for making observations in all parts of the world [...] London, 1696SciB1696
    George KeithGeography and navigation compleated; being a new theory and method whereby the true longitude of any place in the world may be found [...] London, 1709SciA1709
    Anon. The present state of physick & surgery in London. [...] London, 1701SciB1701
    Francis GuybonAn essay concerning the growth of empiricism; or the encouragement of quacks. [...] London, 1712SciA1712
    R. B.Longitude to be found out with a new invented instrument, both by sea and land [...] London, 1714SciB1714
    Richard MeadA short discourse concerning pestilential contagion and the methods used to prevent it.London, 1720SciA1720
    Charles MaitlandMr. Maitland's account of inoculating the small pox vindicated [...] London, 1722SciB1722
    John ColbatchA Dissertation concerning mistletoe: a most wonderful specifick remedy for the cure of convulsive distempers [...] London, 1730SciA1730
    George BerkeleyA defence of free-thinking in mathematics. [...] London, 1735SciB1735



    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    Robert DevereuxLaws and Ordinances of Warre, Established for the better Conduct of the Army, [...] London, 1643LawA1643
    William PrynneA Legall Vindication of the Liberties of England [...] London, 1649LawB1649
    Henry RobinsonCertaine proposals in order to a new modelling of the lawes, and law-proceedings [...] London, 1653LawA1653
    Anon.England's safety in the laws supremacy.London, 1659LawB1659
    Anon.The tryals of such persons as under the motion of London-apprentices were tumultuously assembled [...] London, 1668LawA1668
    Thomas Violet et al.Two petitions of Thomas Violet of London goldsmith, to the Kings Majestie [...] London, 1661LawB1661
    E. W.The Continuation of the Case between Sir William Courten, his heyres and assignes, and the East India Company of the Netherlands [...] 1673LawA1673
    Anon.An exact account of the trials of the several persons arraigned at the sessions-house in the Old-Bailey for London and Middlesex [...] London, 1678LawB1678
    John HawlesThe English-mans right. A dialogue between a barrister at law and a jury-man. [...] London, 1680LawA1680
    Sir Edward HerbertA short account of the authorities in law, upon which judgement was given in Sir Edw. Hales his case [...] London, 1688LawB1688
    [Matthew Hale] (attr.)A Treatise, showing how usefull, safe, reasonable and beneficial, the inrolling & registring of all conveyances of lands, may be to the inhabitants of this kingdom.London, 1694LawA1694
    Anon.A Letter to a Friend, In Vindication of the Proceedings against Sir John Fenwick, by Bill of Attainder. [...] 1697LawB1697
    [Charles Hore et al.] A true and exact account of many great abuses committed in the victualling her Majesties Navy [...] London, 1703LawA1703
    Francis NorthAn Argument of a Learned Judge in the Exchequer-Chamber upon a Writ of Error [...] London, 1704LawB1704
    William Nairne, William Maxwell, William Widdrington, James Radcliffe (Great Britain, Parliament, House of Commons)The whole Proceedings to Judgment upon the Articles of Impeachment of High Treason [...] London, 1716LawA1716
    [William Fleetwood, Bishop of Ely] The counsellor's plea for the divorce of Sir G. D. and Mrs. F.London, 1715LawB1715
    Lionel Cranfield Sackville (Great Britain, Parliament, House of Lords)A report from the Lords Committees [...] who were impowered by the House of Lords to examine Christopher Layer [...] London, 1723LawA1723
    George KellyThe speech of Mr. George Kelly. Spoke at the Bar of the House of Lords [...] In his defence against the bill then depending, for inflicting pains and penalties upon him [...] London, 1723LawB1723
    Anon.The rights and liberties of subjects vindicated: in answer to the adjuster of the dispute about the proper time of applying for a repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts [...] London, 1732LawA1732
    Anon.Remarks on the trial of John-Peter Zenger , printer of the New-York weekly journal, who was lately try'd and acquitted for printing and publishing two libels [...] London, 1738LawB1738



    AuthorTitlePlace & date of publicationLampeter ID
    Henry FosterA True and exact relation of the marchings of the two regiments of the trained bands of the city of London [...] As also of the three regiments of the auxiliary forces [...] who marched forth for the reliefe of the city of Glocester [...] London, 1643MscA1643
    Commissioners of the NavyThe answer of the Commissioners of the Navie, to a scandalous pamphlet, published by Mr. Andrewes Burrell.1646MscB1646
    [Henry Neville] Newes from the new exchange, or the commonwealth of ladies [...] London: printed in the year, of women without grace, 1650MscA1650
    Matthew Pole, Richard Baxter et al.A model for the maintaining of students of choice abilities at the university, and principally in order to the ministry [...] 1658MscB1658
    Heneage FinchA true and exact relation of the late prodigious earthquake and eruption of Mount Ætna [...] In the Savoy, 1669MscA1669
    Henry StubbsThe Miraculous Conformist: or An account of severall marvailous cures performed by the stroaking of the hands of Mr Valentine Greatarick. [...] Oxford, 1666MscB1666
    A.B.A letter of advice concerning marriage.London, 1676MscA1676
    J[ohn] G[adbury] A brief relation of the Life and Death of the late Famous Mathematician and Astrologer, Mr. Vincent Wing. [...] London, 1670MscB1670
    Thomas PhelpsA True Account of the Captivity of Thomas Phelps, At Machaness in Barbary, [...] London, 1685MscA1685
    [Nicholas Barbon] An apology for the builder: or a discourse shewing the cause and effects of the increase of building.London, 1685MscB1685
    Moses PittAn account of one Ann Jefferies, now living in the County of Cornwall, who was fed for six months by a small sort of airy people call'd fairies [...] London, 1696MscA1696
    [Elkanah Settle] The second part of the notorious impostor, compleating the history of the life, cheats, &c. of William Morrell, alias Bowyer, sometime of Banbury, Chirurgeon [...] London, 1692MscB1692
    [Matthew Tindal] Reasons against restraining the press.London: 1704MscA1704
    [Edward Ward] Labour in vain: or, What signifies little or nothing [...] London, 1700MscB1700
    Arthur FairmanA full confutation of witchcraft [...] proving that, witchcraft is priestcraft [...] London, 1712MscA1712
    John LaurenceThe fruit garden calender: or, A summary of the art of managing the fruit-garden [...] London, 1718MscA1718
    Thomas FairchildThe city gardener. [...] London, 1722MscA1722
    George AkerbyThe Life of Mr. James Spiller, The late Famous Comedian.London, 1729MscB1729
    John SouthallA treatise of buggs [...] London, 1730MscA1730
    Anon.The history of the life and actions of Gustavus Vasa, deliverer of his country.London, 1739MscB1739