Lucia Nixon

College Lecturer in Archaeology

Magdalen College

Oxford, U.K. OX1 4AU


tel. + 44 - 1865 - 276117

1. Current Research Project

Co-director, Sphakia Survey, Crete with Jennifer Moody (1987-). Watch for our website!

Currently writing an article on icon stands and outlying churches in Sphakia.

Next article: Using film as a way of disseminating results in archaeology.


2. Research Interests

archaeological survey, Crete, diachronic approaches to landscape, gender in archaeology, Demeter & Kore


3. Relevant Publications

1994. 'Gender Bias in Archaeology'. IN L. Archer, S.Fischler, and M. Wyke (eds.), Women in Ancient Societies: An Illusion of the Night, London: Macmillan, 1-23

1995a. The Sphakia Survey (Greece): Methods and Results, with S. Price, a 50 minute educational videotape; shown twice on Greek national television in 1996. Made with the Oxford University Educational Technology Resources Centre

1995b. 'The Cults of Demeter and Kore'. IN R. Hawley and B. Levick (eds), Women in Antiquity. New Assessments, London: Routledge, 75-96

1996a 'The Hilltop Settlement at Kommos' with M. Shaw. Kommos, Vol. I, part 2, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 59-92

1998. 'Surveying poleis and larger sites in Sphakia', with J. Moody, S. Price, and O. Rackham. IN W.G. Cavanagh, M. Curtis et al. (eds), Post-Minoan Crete (BSA Studies 2). London: British School at Athens, 87-95

4. Teaching

currently teaching Archaeology for the degree in Archaeology and Anthropology;

papers taught: Introduction to World Archaeology; The Nature of Archaeological Enquiry;

Approaches to Material Evidence; Urbanisation and Change, Comparative Approaches