Reason is and ought only to be the slave of the passions. David Hume

With Tout Seul

Tout Seul winning the
£265,000 Dewhurst Stakes

Riding at
 Newmarket (mid-field)


  • Email: michael.allingham@magd.ox.ac.uk
  • Mail: Magdalen College, Oxford, OX1 4AU, UK
  • Academic: Fellow, Magdalen College, Oxford
  • Non-academic: Sometime steward, Jockey Club
  • Degrees: MA (Edin), PhD (Edin), MA (Oxon), MA (Open)


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  • Rational Choice Theory (five volumes) (editor), Routledge, London and New York, 2006
  • Choice Theory, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2002
    • Chinese translation, Xuanze Zhuyi, Yilin, Nanjing, 2009
    • Spanish translation, La Teoría de la Elección, Alianza, Madrid, 2011
    • Arabic translation, Nazariat Alaikhtiar, Hindawi, Cairo, 2016
    • Russian translation, Teoriya Vybora, Ozon, Moscow, 2017
    • Italian translation, La Teoria della Scelta, Codice, Torino, forthcoming
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    • Re-published in 2016 as Volume 1 in Routledge Library Editions: Psychoanalysis
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  • General Equilibrium, Macmillan, London, 1975
  • Equilibrium and Disequilibrium, Ballinger, Cambridge (MA), 1973

Six representative articles

  • Tatonnement stability: an econometric approach, Econometrica, 40
  • Equilibrium and stability, Econometrica, 42
    • Reprinted in Blaug and Hoover, Critical Ideas in Economics, Elgar, Cheltenham, 1999
  • Stability of monopoly, Econometrica, 44
  • Existence theorems in the capital asset pricing model, Econometrica, 59
  • The measurement of inequality, Journal of Economic Theory, 5
  • Second best and decentralization (with Archibald), Journal of Economic Theory, 10

With Mujood

Mujood winning the Royal
Sussex Regiment Stakes

Riding at
Royal Windsor (on rail)