Laurence Dreyfus FBA


Professor of Music, University of Oxford

Fellow and Tutor in Music, Magdalen College



Mailing address:

Magdalen College

Oxford OX1 4AU




Phantasm webpage






Research interests – J.S. Bach, Wagner, English Consort Music (16th and 17th centuries), theory and practice of musical analysis and criticism, theories of musical performance, practice-based research in early music and chamber music







Bach's Continuo Group: Players and Practices in His Vocal Works.  Studies in the History of Music, 3.  Harvard University Press, 1987. 264 pp. [Japanese translation to be published by Tokyo Shoseki, 2008].[Italian translation  of Chapter 1 for Longanesi, Milano in press]

Bach and the Patterns of Invention. Harvard University Press, 1996, 270 pp., paperback edition, 2004.  ['Bach e i modelli dell'Invenzione' in Ovunque lontano dal mondo: Elogio della Fantasia, ed. Enzo Restagno (Milan, Longanesi & C, 2001), 7-46, trans. Giovanni Bietti - chapters 1 and 8]

Wagner and the Erotic Impulse. Currently in draft (72,000 words) [under contract to Harvard University Press]





J.S. Bach's Experiment in Differentiated Accompaniment: Tacet-Indications in the Organ Parts to the Vocal Works.  Journal of the American Musicological Society 32 (1979), 321-334.

Early Music Defended against its Devotees: A Theory of Historical Performance in the Twentieth Century.  The Musical Quarterly 69 (1983), 297-322.

Muzyka dawna wzieta w obrone przed jej enthuzjastami: teoria wykonania historycznego w XX wieku [translation into Polish by Magdalena Nowak with author's 1997 Postscriptum], Canor 19 (1997), 27-39; translation into Korean by Hae-Guen Kang in Journal of the Music Research Center, Hangyang University (Seoul) 16 (2002), 89-115. English version of postscript available at

The Metaphorical Soloist: Concerted Organ Parts in Bach's Cantatas.  Early Music 13 (1985), 237-247.  Also in J.S. Bach as Organist: His Instruments, Music, and Performance Practices, ed. George Stauffer and Ernest May.  Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986, 172-189.

J.S. Bach's Concerto Ritornellos and the Question of Invention.  The Musical Quarterly 71 (1985), 327-358.

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The Hermeneutics of Lament: A Neglected Paradigm in a Mozartian Trauermusik. Music Analysis 10 (1991), 329-343.

Mozart as Early Music: A Romantic antidote. Early Music 19 (1992), 295-309.

Matters of Kind: Genre and Subgenre in Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier.  A Bach Tribute: Essays in Honor of William  F. Scheide, ed. Paul Brainard and Ray Robinson. Kassel: Bärenreiter Verlag, and Chapel Hill: Hinshaw, 1993, 101-119.

Hermann Levi's shame and Parsifal's guilt: A critique of essentialism in biography and criticism. Cambridge Opera Journal  6:2 (1994), 125-145.

Bachian invention and its mechanisms in The Cambridge Companion to Bach, ed. John Butt. (Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1997), 171-192.

Hermann Levi, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2001.

Music and Motive in Thomas Mann's Wälsungenblut, Resounding Concerns, London German Studies VIII, ed. Rüdiger Görner (Munich: iudicium verlag, 2003), 86-113.

Tannhäuser y el erotismo musical en Wagner [Tannhäuser and Wagner's musical erotics].  ABAO-OLBE [Programme book of the Bilbao Opera Society], 55 (2006), 90-97

Beyond the Interpretation of Music, Dutch Journal of Music Theory – Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie 12:3 (2007), pp. 253-272. Downloadable at:;idno=1203art01.




Inaugural Lecture


Bach as Critic of Enlightenment, delivered at King's College London, 2 June 1994



Published Congress and Colloquium Papers


Zur Frage der Cembalo-Mitwirkung in den geistlichen Werken Bachs.  Bachforschung und Bachinterpretation heute. Bericht über das Bachfest-Symposion 1978 der Philipps-Universität Marburg, ed. Reinhold Brinkmann.  Leipzig: Neue Bach-Gesellschaft, 1981, 178-184.         

The Capellmeister and his Audience: Observations on 'Enlightened' Receptions of Bach.  Alte Musik als ästhetische Gegenwart: Bericht über den internationalen musikwissenschaftlichen Kongreß Stuttgart 1985, ed. Dietrich Berke and Dorothee Hanemann.  Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1987, 180-189.

[Problems of Teaching and Research.]  The Contemporary Humanities: Theory and Practice. Proceedings of a symposium on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Society of Fellows in the Humanities, April 1987.  New York: Columbia University, 1988, 42-44.

Early Music and the Repression of the Sublime. Papers from 'The Early Music Debate: Ancients, Moderns, Postmoderns', Berkeley Early Music Festival and Symposium 1990. Journal of Musicology 10 (Winter, 1992), 108-112.

Music Analysis and the Historical Imperative. Papers from a Round table on "Music Analysis: Systematic vs. Historical Models" held at meetings of the International Musicological Society, Madrid, 1992, Revista de Musiologia: Actas del XV Congreso de la SIM, 16: 1 (1993) [1994], 407-419.

Idiomatic Betrayals: François Couperin as composer for the viol.  François Couperin: Nouveaux Regards.  Actes des Rencontres de Villecroze 4 au 7 octobre 1995, III: 3. Paris: Éditions Klincksieck, 1998, 205-221.


Musical Editions


Jean Baptiste Bréval.  Drei leichte Sonaten für Violoncello und Bass  (with Anne-Marlene Gurgel).  Leipzig: Edition Peters, 1980.

Johann Sebastian Bach.  Drei Sonaten für Viola da Gamba und Cembalo, BWV 1027-1029   [with Concluding Remarks and Critical Notes].  Frankfurt and Leipzig: C.F. Peters, 1985.


Edited Texts


Abstracts of Papers Read at the Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society. 4-8 November 1992. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ed. Laurence Dreyfus. Madison, Wisconsin: A-R Editions, Inc., 1992.




Solo and Chamber Recordings


Johann Sebastian Bach.  Sonatas for Viola da gamba and Harpsichord, BWV 1027-1029.  Laurence Dreyfus, viola da gamba and Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord (Simax PCD 1024, 1986)

Marin Marais.  Pièces de violes  (1701).  Laurence Dreyfus, viola da gamba and Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord.  (Simax PCS 1053, 1989)

Historische Instrumente der Leipziger Sammlung, Historical Instruments of the Leipzig Collection. Antoine Forqueray, Suite No. 5 with Laurence Dreyfus, viola da gamba and Maria Bräutigam, harpsichord [=Rundfunk der DDR Produktion, Leipzig, 1977] (Christophorus 74605, 1990)

Jean-Philippe Rameau, Pièces de clavecin en concert, with Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord, and Catherine Mackintosh, violin, produced by Arne Akselberg and Laurence Dreyfus. (Simax PCS 1095, 1993) Nominated for a 1994 Gramophone Award

William Byrd, Songs and Sonnets, with Concordia, Rachel Platt, soprano, and Laurence Dreyfus, treble viol. (Meridian Records, 1994)

Sylvia McNair, The echoing Air: Music of Henry Purcell with Christopher Hogwood, harpsichord, Paul O'Dette, archlute, and Laurence Dreyfus, cello and viola da gamba.  (Philips 446 081-2, 1995) Winner of the 1995 Grammy Award for the Best Classical Vocal Recording

Henry Purcell. The Complete Fantasias for Viols. Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (Simax PSC 1124, 1996) Winner of the 1997 Gramophone Award - Best Baroque (Non-Vocal) Recording. Diapason d'Or (April 2003). Choc du Monde de la Musique (April 2003).

Still Music of the Spheres. Consorts of William Byrd and Richard Mico, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (Simax Classics PSC 1134, 1997) Nominated for the 1999 Gramophone Award - Best Early Music Recording.

JS Bach, Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 (1-11, 19). WA Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach's Fugues arranged for Strings, K405, Fuga, K401 Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (Simax Classics PSC 1135, 1998).

Byrd Song, Consorts and Songs by William Byrd, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, with Ian Partridge, tenor, and Geraldine McGreevy, soprano, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (Simax Classics PSC 1191, 1999). Booklet notes reprinted in The Viol 5 (2006-7), 18-19.

Matthew Locke, Consorts of Three and Four Parts, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (Global Music Network, 2000).

William Lawes, Consorts in Four and Five Parts, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director (Channel Classics, CCS 15698, 2000). Editor's Choice, Gramophone, August 2000. Nominated for 2001 Gramophone Award - Best Baroque Instrumental Recording.

Fairest Isle, Barbara Bonney, soprano with Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, William Byrd, Though Amaryllis dance in green, O Lord how vain,  and John Jenkins, Fantasy No. 9 a4 (Decca, 2000). Nominated for 2002 Grammy Award – Best Vocal Recording of the Year

William Lawes, Consorts in Six Parts, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director (Channel Classics, CCS 17498, 2002) Choc du Monde de la Musique (September 2002)

Orlando Gibbons, Consorts for Viols, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (AVIE AV 0032, 2004) 2004 Gramophone Award Winner, finalist Gramophone Record of the Year

Michael East, Complete Fantasias a5, and Orlando Gibbons, Two verse anthems, Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, included in O Sapientia: Advent from King's College London, in collaboration with The Choir of King's College London, David Trendell, director (Herald HAVPCD 296, 2004).

Four Temperaments:  Byrd, Ferrabosco, Parsons, Tallis. Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (AVIE AV 2054, 2005). Editor's Choice, Gramophone, June 2005. Nominated for Gramophone Award in Early Music, August, 2005.

John Jenkins, Six-Part Consorts. Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (AVIE AV 2099, 2006). Nominated for Gramophone Award in Early Music, June, 2006.

John Jenkins, Five-Part Consorts. Phantasm, Laurence Dreyfus, director, postproduced by Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and Laurence Dreyfus (AVIE AV 2120, 2007). Finalist for Gramophone Award in Early Music, August, 2007.





Teaching, Supervision and Administrative posts


Recent Courses Taught (since 2000)


Advanced Aural Training                                       1st year undergraduates (KCL)

Richard Wagner                                                       2nd year undergraduates (KCL)

JS Bach                                                                       3rd year undergraduates (KCL)

Advanced Performance Studies                            3rd year undergraduates (KCL)

History Special Study                                              3rd year undergraduates (KCL)

Advanced Opera Study: Wagner's Parsifal           MMus seminar (KCL)

The Cantatas of JS Bach                                          MMus seminar (KCL)

Johannes Brahms in the 1860s                               MMus seminar (KCL)

Wagner and the Erotic Impulse                             MMus seminar (KCL)

History II and Analysis (FHS 2006)                       Magdalen College Oxford

History and Analysis (MODS 2006)                      Magdalen College Oxford

Chamber Music (FHS 2007, FHS 2008)                 Faculty of Music, Oxford

Wagner and Musical Eroticism (MSt seminar)    Faculty of Music, Oxford

Performance Seminar (MPhil)                               Faculty of Music, Oxford

Bach and his musical world (FHS 2007)                Faculty of Music, Oxford

Richard Wagner: Romantic operas and               Faculty of Music, Oxford

            music dramas (FHS 2008)

Jew, Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism                    Faculty of Music, Oxford

            in German Musical Culture (FHS 2008)   


Current DPhil supervisions


Archangelo and the Play of Styles (University of Oxford) – Alberto Sanna

Ideologies of String Playing, 1890-1920 (University of Oxford) – Stefan Knapik

JS Bach as Civic Musician (University of Oxford) – Burkhard Schwalbach


Current MPhil supervisions

Violin performance – Mandhira de Saram

Viola da gamba performance – Liam Byrne


Supervised PhD theses brought to completion


Judith Silber, Mendelssohn's Reformation Symphony: From Concept to Published Work, Yale, 1986

Jeanne Swack, The Solo Sonatas of Georg Philipp Telemann: A Study of the Style and Sources, Yale, 1988

Matthew Dirst, Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Musical Thought and Practice, 1750-1850, Stanford, 1996

Rachel Cowgill, Mozart's Music in London, 1764-1829: Aspects of Reception and Canonicity, King's College London, 2000

John Moran, Techniques of Expression in Viennese String Music (1780-1830): Reconstructing Fingering and Bowing Practices, King's College    London, 2001

Julia Severus, Die Artikulation bei den Klavierwerken von Joh. Seb. Bach, Technische Universität Berlin 2001 (served as 'Wissenschaftlicher Berater')

Rebecca Lloyd, Bach among the Conservatives: the Quest for Theological Truth, King's College London, 2006 – available in my Weblearn room

Alan Howard, Purcell and the Poetics of Musical Artifice: A study of the Fantasias and Sonatas, King's College London, 2006


Oxford Research and DPhil students examined

Gulliver Rallston (St. Peter's College), English Wagnerism, (Confirmation of Status, May, 2006), DPhil viva (internal examiner) March 2007.

Ozzie Johnstone (Christ Church), The Square Piano Transfer of Status (September 2006 and May 2007)

Carmel Croucamp, Habermas and Mozart's musical borrowings (Transfer of Status, May 2006, Confirmation of Status, May 2007)

Benjamin Hebbert (St Cross College), The London Music Trade, 1500-1725 (DPhil Viva February 2008)


University and College Administration


King's College London and the Royal Academy of Music, Chair, Centre for Advanced Performance Studies, 1992-95

King's College London, Head of Department of Music, 1995 –1999,

Director of Postgraduate Studies, 2004-05, School of Humanities, Research Committee member, 2001-05.

Magdalen College, Oxford, Subject Tutor in Music

Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, MPhil in Musicology and Performance

                        Co-course director, from 2006; Final Honours School Examiner, 2006-08; Sutton Trust Music Coordinator, 2007

Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, Committee on Library Provision, 2005-07; Bate Collection Directors, 2006-08; Finance Committee, 2008-2010.




External Activities


External Examining


Royal Academy of Music, MMus in Performance, 1996-2001

Oxford University, MPhil in Musicology and Performance, 2002-2005

Sibelius Academy (Helsinki), PhD in Performance, 1999, 2005

Cambridge University, MPhil in musicology (various dissertations), 2000-04

Cambridge University, BA in Music Tripos, Part II, 2008-2009


External Organisational Responsibilities


American Musicological Society, Performance Committee, 1987-89 (Chair, 1988),

Director-at-Large, 1989-91, Program Committee, 1991-93 (Chair, 1992)

American Bach Society, Vice-President, 1992-94

Cambridge University Press, Senior Editor (with John Butt), Cambridge Musical Texts

and Monographs, 1994-1998. Series renamed, Musical Performance and Reception, since 1998

John Butt, Music Education and the Art of Performance in the German Baroque (1994)

Musical Theatre at the Court of Louis XIV: Le Mariage de la Grosse Cathos, ed. and trans. 

Rebecca Harris-Warrick and Carol G. Marsh (1995)

Julianne C. Baird, Introduction to the Art of Singing by Johann Friedrich Agricola (1995)

Valerie Walden, One Hundred Years of Violoncello: A History of Technique and Performance

Practice, 1740–1840 (1998)

Bernard Brauchli , The Clavichord (1999) – Awarded the Nicholas Bessaraboff Prize for

2001, honoring the best book-length organological study in the English language

published in 1998/99

Suzanne J. Beicken, trans and ed. Treatise on Vocal Performance and Ornamentation by

Johann Adam Hiller (2001)

Hugh Macdonald, ed., Berlioz's Orchestration Treatise: A Translation and Commentary (2002)

Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, The Modern Invention of Medieval Music: Scholarship, Ideology,

Performance (2002) – Winner of the Royal Philharmonic Book Award

John Butt, Playing with History: The Historical Approach to Musical Performance (2002),

Finalist for British Academy Book Prize

James Garratt, Palestrina and the German Romantic Imagination Interpreting Historicism in

Nineteenth-Century Music (2002)

Michael Musgrave, Bernard D. Sherman , eds., Performing Brahms: Early Evidence of

Performance Style (2003)

Christopher Hogwood, ed, The Keyboard in Baroque Europe (2003)

John Haines, Eight Centuries of Troubadours and Trouvères: The Changing Identity of

Medieval Music (2004)

Keith Polk, German Instrumental Music of the Late Middle Age: Players, Patrons and

Performance Practice (2005)


University of Cambridge, Elector to the Professorship of Music, 1994-1998

Early Music, Oxford University Press, Editorial Board, since 1995

Royal Musical Association, Member of Council, 1994-1998

London Bach Festival, Musician Patron, since 1995

Bach-Abel International Viola da gamba competition, Cöthen, Germany, Jury, 1997 and 2000

Saga Trust, Trustee, British Library Sound Archive, 1999-2005

Elector to the Chair of Music, Trinity College Dublin, since 1999

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), Member of Music Panel, 1999-2001

Eighteenth Century Music, Cambridge University Press, Editorial Board, since 2002.

The British Academy, Ordinary Fellow, since 2002. Conference Officer for Section H11 (History of Art and Musicology), 2004-2007

Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB). Member of Music and Performing Arts Panel , 2003-2004

CHARM, Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music, International Advisory Panel, since 2004

Bach Network UK, Oxford University, Trustee, 2005-2006

Royal Academy of Music Bach Prize, Juror, 2006-7

Journal of the Royal Musical Association, International Advisory Panel, since 2006


Conferences and Symposia

Waynflete Anniversary Symposium – 7 June 2008 -  Why analyse music? – Karol Berger (Stanford), Susannah Clark (Merton Oxford), Jonathan Cross (Christ Church Oxford)



Public lectures and Concerts




BBC  Radio 3 – Interview on historical specificity of J.S. Bach (23 October 1999)

Patterns of Authority in Musical Interpretation: Historical Performance at the Crossroads.  Sibelius Academy (Helsinki), Florida State University-Tallahassee, January 2000, Dublin Institute of Technology, Chaired Lecture in the Humanities (4 December 2000), School of Music, Indiana University (4 April 2003)

Performing the music  of William Byrd: Sundry contexts and a false pretext, Karl Geiringer Memorial Lecture, University of California- Santa Barbara (January, 2000), Florida State University-Tallahassee (January 2000)

Bachian Poetics for a Post-Christian Age, Duke University (20 April 2000), Peabody Conservatory, Johns Hopkins University (13 December 2000), Birmingham Conservatoire (27 November 2000), Institute of Advanced Musical Studies, King's College London (14 March 2001).

Toward a 'Musical' Analysis of Thomas Mann's Wälsungenblut, Institute of Germanic Studies, University of London (31 March 2001)

A Musicology of Sound Recordings: A Warning, Saul Seminar, National Sound Archive, British Library (26 June 2001)

Text-Setting or Text-Slaying: Bachian Poetics in the St John Passion, the Donald J. Grout Lecture, Cornell University (7 April 2003), and Iceland Academy of Arts, Reykjavik (3 April 2003)

Outlines of Elizabethan and Jacobean Consort music, Tokyo, Japan, Rikkyo University (April 2003)

Hearing Bach's Art of Fugue, Tokyo, Japan,  University of the Arts – Geidai (April 2003) and at Seoul, Korea, Hangyang University (May 2003)

Wagner and the Erotic Impulse, five public lectures as British Library's Lectures in Musicology, a series co-sponsored by Royal Holloway, University of London, (December 2003 - May, 2004). Also delivered in part at Trinity College Dublin, (April 2004), and at University of Oslo, Norway ( May, 2004).

BBC  Radio 3  - Proms Interval Feature – JS Bach's Magnificat (10 August 2004)

Historical Recordings: A problem for musicologists, an opportunity for musicians

(February 2005), Sibelius Academy Helsinki

Beyond the Interpretation of Music – delivered as the 'Oude Muziek Lezing' at the Utrecht Early Music Festival (August 2005)

Brussels Bach Academy (Philippe Herweghe, director) – Bach and the Rhetoric of Invention – (November 2007)



Selected Performances since 1999 – See also dedicated Phantasm web page –



12-17 December 1999          Four Performance by Phantasm (two programmes each in Wroclaw and Poznan) – with support of British Council

22 January 2000                    Florida State University Tallahassee

25 January 2000                    Los Angeles, Calif. Music in Historic Places Ebell Club,

27 January 2000                    University of California-Santa Barbara

14 April 2000                         Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

15 April 2000                         Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

16 April 2000                         University of Minnesota, Bach Festival

24 April 2000                         Stiftung Kloster Michaelstein – Blankenburg-Harz

25 April 2000                         Leipzig, Bosehaus, 2000 Bachfest, Bach-Archiv

26 April 2000                         Amsterdam – Leonhardt – Bartolotti house.

30 April 2000                         Berlin – Lange Bach-Nacht – Schauspielhaus am Gendarmenmarkt – 2 recitals

22 May 2000                          Utrecht - Channel Classics 10th Anniversary concert - Vredenburg

15 June 2000              London – St John's Smith Square – Lufthansa Festival of

Baroque Music

28 July 2000                           Trondheim, Norway, Olavsfestdagene

11 October 2000                    London Royal Academy of Music, Bach's Musical Offering, Director, Duke's Hall

31 October 2000                    London Bach Festival – Bach viola da gamba sonatas with Ketil Haugsand - St Andrew's Holborn

13 December 2000                Washington DC – Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts– Fortas Chamber Music series

16-18 December 2000          4 performances in Washington DC, Georgetown University,

Folger Consort, with Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Stephen Darlington

1-4 February 2001                Guest Director, Amsterdam Bach soloists, 3 concerts in Utrecht, Haarlem and Amsterdam (Waalse Kerk)

28-30 June 2001                     Three recitals at West Cork Chamber Music Festival, Bantry House, Co. Cork

1 August 2001                       Joroinen Music Days, Juva, Finland

5 August 2001                       Daroca Festival of Early Music – Daroca, Spain,

2 February 2002                   Istanbul, Turkey, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, Baroque Series

7 February 2002                   Brussels, Belgium, Musée instrumental

20 April 2002                         Lincoln, Nebraska, University of Nebraska

22 April 2002                         St Paul Sunday Morning – National Public Radio (USA) - 1 December 2002 - One-hour broadcast of Phantasm on St Paul Sunday - interview with live performance - Minnesota Public Radio and affiliated Public Broadcasting networks in the USA (ca. 500,000 listeners)

5 July 2002                             Haapsalu, Estonia - Early Music Festival (in co-operation with the British Council)

6 July 2002                             Prague, Czech Republic - 3rd International Music Festival – Summer Festivities of Early Music - Fantasy for Viols -  Instrumental music of Rudolphine Prague and Jewels of English consort music - Baroque Library Hall, Prague (in co-operation with the British Council)

12 February 2003                 London, Wigmore Hall, 'The Queen's Command ' - collaboration with Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert, and Simon Callow, reciter, music of Byrd, Gibbons, and Ferrabosco

21 April 2003                         Shizuoka, Japan, Shizuoka Museum of Art

22 April 2003                         Tokyo Rikkyo University

23 April 2003                         Tokyo National University of Arts - Geidai

24 April 2003                         Tokyo, Japan Musashino bunka kaikan

26 April 2003                         Kobe, Japan

27 April 2003                         Aioi, Japan

29 April 2003             Kumho Art Hall – Phantasm recital - Seoul

30 April 2003             Hangyang University, Seoul

1 May 2003                            Kumho Art Hall - Seoul (sponsored by Hangyang University) – 'The Art of Love and Persuasion' - Early Dance performance -       collaboration with Mary Collins and Jürgen Schrape, Renaissance and Baroque dancers

24-25 June 2003                     Korsholm Music Festival, Vaasa, Finland– two concerts

6 July 2003                             York Early Music Festival – Autumn Leaves: Lawes, Jenkins, and Purcell a6

10 July 2003                           Quebec Canada - City of Québec Summer Festival – Consort Kaleidoscope a4

11 July 2003                           La Domaine Forget, P.Q. Canada

18-26 August 2003                Stavanger Chamber Music Festival, Stavanger (Norway) –

four concerts with Phantasm – BBC Radio Live Broadcast

4 September 2003                 Utrecht Early Music Festival – Lawes a6

22 September 2003               Oxford, Christ Church Cathedral – Gibbons programme

10 June 2004                          Spitalfields Festival – Purcell Fantasias Byrd Songs with Geraldine McGreevy – BBC

11-14 August 2004                Stavanger Chamber Music Festival, Stavanger (Norway), Bach viola da gamba sonatas, Marais Pièces de violes with Ketil Haugsand

16 January 2005                    Paris, Cité de la Musique, Grande Halle, La Foi militante, with the Choir of St John's College Cambridge –Tudor consort and choral             music

21 April 2005                         Reykjavik, Iceland (together with residency at Iceland Academy of Arts) – Gibbons, Purcell, Locke, Bach,

30 May 2005                          London, Wigmore Hall, Phantasm with Andrew Manze as part of the  From Sweden Festival – 17th-century Swedish and English      consort music

12 June 2005                          Aldeburgh Festival – Byrd and Purcell with Geraldine McGreevy, soprano

21 June 2005                          Istanbul Music Festival – Byrd and Purcell with Geraldine McGreevy, soprano

30 July 2005                           Dordogne Festival, Ton Koopman, director, Phantasm – Perilous Polyphony

29 August 2005                     Utrecht Early Music Festival – Jenkins and Gibbons a6

17 September 2005               London, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, Early Music Weekend, Thomas Tallis quincentenary

25 November 2005              Byrd, Gibbons and Purcell with Geraldine McGreevy, soprano, Holywell Music Room, Oxford

27 November 2005              Bach viola da gamba sonatas with Ketil Haugsand, Germany

10 January 2006                    English and French music for two bass viols, with Jonathan Manson, Old Library, Magdalen College

10 March 2006                       Four Temperaments, Phantasm, Holywell Music Room, Oxford

12 May 2006                          Barcelona Early Music Festival, Auditorio, Flights of Fancy

28 June 2006                          Korsholm Music Festival, Vaasa, Finland– two concerts of English and French Music for Two Bass viols, with                                                                              Mikko Perkola

12 August 2006                     Hereford Cathedral, Three Choirs Festival, Phantasm, Tomkins, Jenkins, Purcell, Lawes

16 October 2006                    Royal Academy of Music, Bach sonatas with John Butt – to mark presentation of Royal Academy Bach Prize

25 November 2006              Holywell Music Room, Oxford, Music for Five and Six Viols by Tomkins, Jenkins, and Lawes (with Mikko                                                                                       Perkola and Liam Byrne)

10 December 2006                Magdalen College - Musical Moment (with John Butt) to conclude the 2nd Dialogue meeting of the Bach                                                                                            Network UK

23 August 2007                     Edinburgh International Festival - Byrd Mass and Consort songs –Phantasm with Theatre of Voices                                                                                                        (Paul Hillier)

2 February 2008                   Phantasm – Faculty of Music Residency – Magdalen Auditorium (Jenkins and Lawes a5)

16 April 2008             Brussels – Palais des Beaux-arts (Conservatoire) – Bozar series – Phantasm recital (Gibbons, Lawes, Jenkins, Purcell)

21 June 2008                          Leipzig Bachfest – Bach sonatas and Marais with Ketil Haugsand