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Antimicrobial Resistance

Included below are a number of useful resources addressing the issue of antimicrobial resistance

Recommended Reading Papers

Maxwell Finland Lecture: Rational Antibiotic Administration - Rice LB, 2008

Change your thinking - Antibiotic Resistance - multi-level population biology: think evolution and spread of mobile genetic elements rather than bacteria- Fernando Baquero

Environmental Contamination of Biosphere with Antibiotics

Origin and Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance

Slides from presentation

Antibiotic Resistance- teaching slides

Some Recommended Presentations on the Internet

Bad Bugs, Need Drugs  -  Infectious Diseases Society of America

Should you stop and antibiotic course early if you feel better?  - Dr Richard Evert

Enterobacteriaceae - The ESBL Threat  -  Prof. Youri Glupczynski

Policy, Guidelines and Position papers

Start Smart and Focus Guidelines

Chief Medical Officer annual report vol.2 - Antimicrobial Resistance

Data on Resistance

European Resistance Data 2011  -  EARSS

Correlating Antibiotic use and Resistance in Europe - Albrich et al 2004

Stewardship references

Summary of the evidence for short course therapy - Esposito, JAC

Long-term impacts of antibiotic exposure on the human intestinal microbiota - minireview

Cochrane Review of Antibiotic Stewardship interventions: Peter Davey

KPC)-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant to colistin/tigecycline prevalent in Greek ICU - and this is from somewhere that has the resources to measure and actually publishes its data…)

It’s all about YOU:Factors influencing leadership dynamics in the context of infection control -qualitative analysis - lessons from the PROHIBIT Study

'Prescribing Etiquette' in Hospitals

3 vs 8 days therapy for pneumonia - El Moussaoui et al BMJ 2006

Other Articles

Short antibiotic courses - Medscape Education


Antibiotic Use Poll - before teaching session Here

After teaching session Poll - Here