I have moved to join the Stan team at Columbia University, in New York City!

I am a postdoctoral researcher in computer science, working with Luke Ong, and a member of the Stan development team. My main research interests are in the general areas of probabilistic programming, (semantics of) programming languages, machine learning, category theory, logic and (ir)rationality.

I was a doctoral student of Samson Abramsky, working on semantics of programming languages, in the Quantum Group and at Magdalen College Oxford: thesis.

Recently, I spent some time interning at Microsoft Research Cambridge, working on build systems with Nick Benton, which was a real treat.

Before, I studied some linguistics, natural language processing, and machine learning, and did related work as an intern in the Cambridge Department of Theoretical Linguistics with Jeffrey Watumull, in the Cambridge Computer Lab, and at a company called Linguamatics.

I also was a master's student in pure mathematics at St John's College Cambridge, where I was supervised by Peter Johnstone for my thesis.

Before that, I did undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics in Utrecht, where Erik van den Ban supervised me during my thesis.

If you're ever in the Netherlands, you could consider visiting my hometown, Amersfoort, which mostly seems to be characterised by its past glory as an important brewery town in the middle ages, as well as by what must be one of the world's most popular boulders. It's actually quite a lovely medieval town.


Matthijs I L Vákár
University of Oxford
Department of Computer Science
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Office: 351
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Matthijs Vákár