Academic Interests

I am a logician at heart, but at the same time it is essential for me to be working on problems that I think are practically relevant to the world. By working at the intersection with theories of computation and physics, I am hoping to find a link with practical applications without having to compromise my love for abstract theory.

My academic interests range from foundations of physics, via mathematics, to logic and language. In practice, this means that I often end up studying applications of category theory, which for me is a nice language to see parallels between these different fields.

A more specific selection of topics that I'm very curious about:

Category theory, topos theory, intuitionistic logic, type theories, substructural logics, modal logics, quantum logic, (Bayesian and quantum) probability theory and their connections to logics, machine learning, quantum information and computation theory, syntax and semantics of natural language, computational linguistics, semantics of programming languages, practical applications of pure mathematics and logic, philosophy of physics, philosophy of language and probably anything that is discussed on the nLab.

Personal Interests

A (perhaps unnecessarily) large part of my spare time seems to be consumed by endurance and water/snow sports like running, rowing, skiing, sailing, wind surfing and speed skating. Once upon a time, I used to also find time for other hobbies like reading literature (mostly 20th century modernists and post-modernists) and playing and listening to classical music (again, preferably 20th century).