Bookmarks for Malcolm Austen

These bookmarks are very old, those that still work are gradually being transferred to my current file.


Internet Miscellanea

w3street communications - web design
Maximized Software - Web Server Utilities Software
Welcome to Vividus
GrafX Design
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
World Wide Web Software Tools
Index of /General/Internet/WWW/


Public Use of Remote Sensing Data
Welcome to Cadcentre
Xerox Research Centre Europe
VANGUARD Software - PartsHPGL
SPLOT - The HP-GL/2, HP-GL & DXY-GL plotter simulator
Absolute Background Textures Archive: 2800+ Free Tiling Background Textures
Absolute Background Textures Archive: 2800+ Free Tiling Background Textures
Tony Sleep - Home Page
Arachnophilia Home Page


Gsharp Web Edition
CHEST / UNIRAS Agreement


Adobe Acrobat Free Reader
Adobe Systems Incorporated
xpdf: a PDF viewer for X

Paint Shop Pro

JASC, Inc. - Makers of Paint Shop Pro
What's new
FAQ for
State of Entropy
Mousehold Creations - PSP
The WDVL: Introduction to Paint Shop Pro 5
Welcome to The Tube Garden
Contents of Digital Workshop Web Site
Paint Shop Pro 4.0 : Tips and Tricks
Helper Applications and Drivers

Plugin filters

DragonFly´s photoshop filter

Colour & Image Handling Techniques

Welcome to Color Matters - Table of Contents
TextColorizer -- Create great effects for your home page in seconds
Color Pilot
Gamma FAQ - Abstract
Blackbody Code
Scanning Photos for the Web
CGSD - Gamma Correction Explained
"The Blue Screen / Chroma Key Page"

Images, Button, Clip Art, Fonts ..

Free ClipArt
Extensis PhotoFrame Gallery
ShoeString's PictureDicer
Absolute Background Textures Archive: 2200+ Free Tiling Background Textures
Symbols Bonanza
Badger's Medieval Clipart Page
Welcome to Public Domain Images
Photographs, Prints & Drawings
Free Public Domain Images to View, Copy or Download
Web GraFX-FX: 7000+ FREE GIF Animations & GIF Animation Resources [MAIN FRAME]
Icons 'n Stuff


Free fonts for Windows
Font Freak - Free true type fonts and dingbats for both PC and Mac


Scanning Experiments
Anacomp DatagraphiX ImageMouse
A few scanning tips - scanner basics 101

(Graphical) File Formats

The Graphics File Format Page
Wotsit's Format: The programmer's file formats and data formats resource.
GFF Home Page
GIF Wizard Home Page
JPEG Editing/Compression
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Home Site
PNGs in Paint Shop Pro


Square One
Welcome to CursorArts Company
Bonham Designs Home Page
Genius Web Site

Graphical miscelanea
Luminae: For the Artist in Everyone
Cerious Software - The Home of ThumbsPlus!
Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
Ulead Web Utilities
Ulead Web Utilities
Multi Media Mapping


The Language List
NONAGS Freeware Shareware World Center
The Catless Web Server - Zircon, Risks the Obituary Page
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
Q164472 - WD97: GC1282: Rich Text Format Addendum (Spec. for Word 97)
Richard Hendricks' Windows Help File (WinHelp and HTMLHelp) Authoring Web Site
Annotated Bibliography on Graph Drawing
HENSA/micros: Mirrors

File Extensions

Delphi FAQs: A Guide to Windows File Extensions
List of File extensions

File Formats

The Programmer's File Format Collection

W95 utilities

Insight Software Solutions, Inc. Home Page - Needed DLLs

Perl - Ten Perl Myths
Welcome to The Perl Institute Perl Reference
Perl FAQ Index
ActiveState Tool Corp. - Professional tools for Perl developers
Matt's Script Archive: FormMail
SHAREWARE.COM -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
ActiveWare - Perl for Win32


User Friendly the Comic Strip
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
The Linux Home Page at Linux Online
REDHAT.COM - The definitive online destination for the open source community.


Csh Programming Considered Harmful

Internet/Virus Hoaxes & Myths

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
antivirus online: hype alerts!
Computer Virus Myths home page
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page


Bokler's Guide to "CRACKER" Software

Software miscelanea

Freeware from Naiborly


Welcome to Dabs Direct Online

Hardware Companies

Welcome to ATI Technologies inc.
Happy New Year From Epson America
Access HP - Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Welcome to Polaroid
Nokia Display Products
Mustek Home Page
AMD Home Page

Software Companies

SPC Serif Main Page
Adobe Systems Incorporated
ManSoft (MSL)
The Algorithm, Inc. Home Page
Novell World Wide: Corporate Home Page
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
Borland Online
Adept Scientific plc - The Technical Computing People: HOME
Welcome to Evesham Micros
Microsoft Corporation World-Wide-Web Server
Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
DeltaPoint, Inc.
Aston Scientific Ltd.
Microcal Software Homepage
SpanSoft Home Page

Institutes & Government

Oxfordshire County Council Home Page
Kent County Council Internet Service
Her Majesty's Stationery Office
The British Library
The British Computer Society
CCTA Government Information Service
ACM, The First Society in Computing

Other Companies

@Computer Weekly - Home
Thomas Cook
Blackwell's Bookshops
Point Communications Corporation
RighTime™ (GTBecker, The RighTime Company, Miami)
Oakley Data Services - Home Page



Copyright and Networking of Images
U.S. Copyright Office, FAQ
Copyright Website
10 Big Myths about copyright explained

UK Legislation
Data Protection Act 1984 (c. 35)

Other vaguely hobby stuff

Celtic Clip Art
O.U.M.M / The Ancient Men


Web Pages That Suck -- The web site version of the book
Echelon Entertainment

Any/everything else

The On-Line Books Page
Paul Bourke - Personal Pages
Mr Postgrad and Friends
Borlochs Hall
AJ McCormack and Son - PAVING MAIN PAGE
Paving Introduction Page
VirtualPROMOTE - Learn To Announce and Promote Your Web Site FREE The Way Professional Webmasters Do Promotion! Tutorials about web site promotion, promoting a women's subject page, META Tags, winning cool site awards and much more. Free.
The Electronic Telegraph
Directory of /Solid_Earth
PDN - The Web Edition
Virtual Flowers Homepage
Romana Machado World Headquarters
The TeB / McP Legal Information Service
U.York: University of York Welcome Page
PIPEX Worldserver

Personal Toolbar Folder


Recent acquisitions:-

Igor Arsenin Home Site
GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
TPC.INT: Mirror Sites
Microsoft MSDN Online Support
All about General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) on mobile networks
RSI-UK: UK-specific information about Repetitive Strain Injury ~ Tutorials & GIFS
PowerWare - Opera
Welcome to!
THE REGISTER: Mr Oxford University accuses Oxford University of murder
RNIB's Better Web Design Campaign Homepage
The Castle Software & Products Page
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Web Tools Review home
The Web service
UK National Blood Service - give blood. We always need new donors and donations for transfusions
OTA Guide to Good Practice
THE REGISTER: MS Office 2000 patch - breaking more than it fixes?
Blue Squirrel Home Page
UK Genealogy - The Portal for UK Genealogy Research
Oxford Ancestor Project
OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND GENEALOGY LINKS: to aid you in your England Genealogy Research.
Welcome to
Oxfordshire Museums Council: Museums in Oxfordshire (1)
CD Media World
Vintage Direct - Nicks Wine Merchants. Fine Wine Retailers: Welcome
A Beginner's Quick Guide to HTML
DomainNameBuyersGuide: Unbiased advice on choosing a Domain Name Registrar
JAWS for Windows Demonstration Options
The complete genealogy or family tree project manager software for Windows; The Master Genealogist (TMG) from Wholly Genes Software
Matt's Script Archive: FormMail
Henry Rogers - Fonts :: download freeware and shareware from Web Attack /// The world's largest collection of Internet software.
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