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Memorial Inscriptions

All Saints' Chilton, Oxon

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(72) S.Williams
Photograph taken December 95.
Crosses in the background are: left PLatt (80) right Spiers (81)
72 A short white marble stone almost square, surmounted by a carved child angel; wfe;

Loving memory of
Sheila E
who passed away
January 4th 1936
aged 22
Into thy hand O Father‘
(b1913 Sheila Elizabeth, her parents were William Harry , a jockey, and Hilda Rose Williams m1911. her mother is buried in (73))

(73) J.Spiers
James and Elizabeth (seated, née BASSON m1876 ) SPIERS with their daughter Hilda Rose b1883 on right, in front of their house Layton Cottage, Main Street. More details in the SPIERS and BASSON families. Elizabeth was the teacher at Chilton School. Her father was a lock keeper.

(73) A white marble cross with base containing the inscription, kerbs around the grave; south and west are blank, on the east:

In loving memory
Elizabeth SPIERS
Died July 2 1931
aged 86
and her daughter
Died May 15 1930
Fold us in the peace of Heaven‘


In loving memory
Died Feb 3 1935
aged 83
Sing unto the Lord
a new song‘

(Daughter Gertrude b1877 m1915 James PLATT buried in (80), son James b1880 died 1881 buried in (120), daughters, Amy Julia b 1878, Kate Marion b1881, Hilda Rose 1883 )

(74) A white marble recumbent scroll with kerbs, wfe;

memory of
William Belcher
died November 3rd 1925
aged 69
At rest
also Mary Jane his wife
Died August 2nd 1939 aged 84
(1995 adjacent to the footpath to the north east of the churchyard, under a tree. The blueprint lists more burial of ashes here, but the ink has run badly so the names are illegible. A2 lists them as Norah (née BELCHER b1896) DARBY who married George Henry DARBY b1891 m1919 She was cremated 22 April 1980, he 29 May 1981 in Truro, Cornwall (His parents were Arthur Henry DARBY m1887 Emily Louisa Fanny Wells b 1867 17 Feb)
(75) 2 yds S from 73 is a massive stone table tomb much damaged which when first approached no letters and figures could be discerned but after a thorough scrubbing with a brush and water all the inscription became visible. wfe;

Underneath lieth the Remains
of W and Eliz WORGOOD
He died June the 7 1704 aged 85.
She died April ye 18 1749 aged 58
(1995 the slab on the top is broken, no words visible)
(76) A much worn stone; wfw;

In memory
of Eliz the wife of
She died
June 27
aged 50 years

on foot stone:

"Farewell vain world I've had enough of thee
And value not what thou canst say of me
Thy smiles I count not nor thy frowns I fear
Alls one to me my head lies quiet here.
What faults thou seen in me take care to shun
And look at home there's something to be done."

(1995: This footstone ihas been moved to (w2) of the row of stones against the north side of the old Rectory wall to the south of the churchard, wife of John Thatcher (78))

To the memory these Stones
was erected by his yougest
daughter in respect of her
indulgent Father
of North Stoke late of
Coscot who died Oct 21
aged 77 yrs
(Br1824 William Goddard buried 30 Oct 1824) aged 79years. 1995 last 4 lines badly worn)

(78) In memory of John THATCHER citizen of Oxon he died July 25 1799
(m1755 John Thatcher of Woolstone, near Uffington married Elizabeth GODDARD, no entry in Burial records for 1799)

79 A foot stone inscribed 1789
(80)A white marble cross; wfe;

loving memory of
James William
Died Oct 17 1928
aged 45
Until the day breaks and
the shadows flee away‘

his loving wife
died Feb 25 1965
aged 88 years

(He was born in West Ilsley, where he worked as a headman,
m1915 PlattGGertrude Spiers daughter of James Spiers(73) )

81 A white marble cross of 3 tiers; wfw;
1. In loving memory of
2. my dear husband
Died May 1 1926
aged 82 years
3.Rest eternal grant unto him O Lord and
let light perpetual shine upon him.‘
n. also Annie his wife
Died June 4 1934,
Aged 69 years

(daughter Annie Jane Reb... b 1891 m1912 an engineer, Ernest Lydford CAVE of Steventon)
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