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Memorial Inscriptions

All Saints' Chilton, Oxon

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George and Annie
George and Annie outside the 'Rose & Crown' .
115 A gray granite kerb memorial with carved grey granite cross laid over the grave. east:
In loving memory of
Annie wife of George SPIERS
died June 22nd 193(0?)
aged 75 years
ÉNearer to TheeĹ

In 1996 only one kerb left, no words legible. Her maiden name was BASSON
116 A much worn stone nearly all obliterated; wfw;

117 Another much worn stone; wfw; also nearly all the wording obliterated

118 Grave 118
A taller worn stone;
(1995 the headstone is against the south wall of the church extension. wfs; the footstone had not been found)

In memory
of Eliz wife of
George STEEL
she died October 2nd
age 24 years


ÉHow lov'd how valu'd once
avails thee not
To whom related
or by whom begot
A heap of dust only remains of thee Ĺ
(Br 1770 Elizabeth buried 5 Oct . George Steel was a churchwarden 1771-2)
119 Close to 118 north from it on a tall head stone finely carved with cherub heads and floreated designs; wfw;

Memory of
Rachel STEEL
wife of George STEEL
who departed this
Life March 29th 1768
aged 47 years

(1995 this stone now next to 118 at the western end of the south side of the church extension built in 1972. wfs; )

120 A small cross head stone; wfe;

James William Basson SPIERS
died June 25th 1881
aged 1 year
and 7 months

(1995 this is just south of the path, one arm of the cross is broken; b1880 parents were James and Elizabeth buried in (73), grandmother Maria BASSON is in (121)
121 A tall worn cross head stone; wfe;
on arms of cross: ihs
on base:

Memory of
Maria BASSON who passed away
March 11th 1902
aged 70

' Nothing in my hand I bring
Simply to thy cross I cling'

( wife of John BASSON mother of Elizabeth(73), Annie (122) grandmother of James (120))
122 Another cross head stone; wfe;

Sacred to the memory of
the beloved husband of
who passed away March 15th 1922
aged 66
'Nearer my God to Thee'

(George a publican, son of William(125) m1904 Annie Maria Davison BASSON buried in (115) They kept the 'Rose and Crown' public house, see their photograph above inscription (115) and the drawing below. His mother Sarah(124) was also the publican after his father's death)


Memory of
died June 17th 1920
aged 83 years
' I will lay me down in peace
and take my rest'
The eldest daughter of
William and Sarah Spiers

(Jane Julia SPIERS m1871 Henry COWEN a jobmaster from Paddington, parents Sarah (124), and William, a publican, (125) A footstone, inscribed J J C 1920 is now (w4) in the row against the rectory wall)

Memory Of
the widow of William SPIERS
died December 31st 1903
aged 92 years

(1995 a footstone inscribed S S 1903 is now at (w32) against the Rectory Wall at the western end)
125 A rounded cross head stone ; wfe;
On circular part of cross IHS, ÉThy will be doneĹ
on the base:

In affectionate Remembrance
William SPIERS
who died suddenly
January 16th 1884
aged 69 years

' A light is from our household gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
That never can be filled
Lord all pitying Jesu blest
Grant him thine eternal rest'

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