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Places in Oxfordshire

This page lists the major place names of Oxfordshire. The list is based on the current boundary of the county so it includes many places that were in Berkshire until the 1974 reorganisation. Please let me (see the foot of this page) know of any errors you find.

The list does not show every tiny hamlet. If, for whatever reason, your ancestral home has not made it into the list I will willingly add it just as long as you provide me with a description of the place (then or now but say which!). Offers of descriptive texts for the places already in this list will be most welcome too.

Places never in Oxfordshire, but with a link to the county

These places have never been in Oxfordshire, but have a relevant link to the county, usually though some anomaly of ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

Some alternative names for Oxfordshire places

Some names (or alternative spellings) that may cause confusion - the standard modern name or spelling follows.

Ancient parishes in and about the City of Oxford

The full name of these parishes would be something like "Oxford St Giles", but they may occur as if they were the name of an independent place.
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