GENealogical EVents and Activities

This web-form will help you to submit an entry to the calendar. It will check you have supplied all the essential details and send a ready formatted line to the calendar maintainer.

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Those items are just to identify the source of the information, they will not appear in the calendar entry.

Now the entry details:

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  • For multiple days, show the first and last with a hyphen between. If the event spans months, indicate the start month above.
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  • If the event title includes a surname, please remember to CAPITALISE it.
The URL to link to:
  • Please try to use this to give a URL for a direct link to the event details. If the link goes to a front-page and then makes the reader work to find the details of the event then they probably won't bother!
  • If this link is to a web site please make sure you give a full URL with the "http://" prefix and a final "/" where appropriate.
  • If you don't have a web site then an email contact link can be given of the form "mailto:your@address".

Please check the details you have entered.
If everything is correct please the form for processing.
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