The GENUKI guide to surfing by email

If your only access to the internet is by email then read on but please do note that the facilities describes in this document are no substitute for a real web browser. In particular please note that if you have full web access then they are not a sensible way of browsing the web off-line. If you have "proper" access to the web, then get a proper off-line web browser for that purpose and leave these servers to work on behalf of those who really need them.

When this page was first set up in 1998, there was a visible demand for such a service. Nowadays there is little demand and the servers that were available in 1998 have now closed down. I am aware of only one current service which is run by HREA - Human Rights Education Associates:

One final point, we think (believe, hope) that the GENUKI pages are such that they will be at least "useable" when delivered by email. The apearance of this page in the GENUKI hierarchy does not, however, guarantee that all the pages are readable by email.

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