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Welcome to Manchester College. Oxford is a great place to study, but it can also be a rather confusing place for those new to it, and there are often things that new students want to know that appear in no official handbook and seem not to be explained fully by tutors. Often the quickest way to find these things out is by chatting with someone doing the same subject in the year above, but on the off-chance that you may find it useful to have some of these things explained in a single document, I have set out some questions, hints and suggestions based on my own experience of reading for the Oxford B.A. in Theology in the hope that some of them may prove of some value to my successors, whatever subject they are reading. I make no claim to be the fount of all wisdom on any of the questions considered below; I can do no more than to set out what seemed to work well for me, and what has come up in discussion with my fellow-students. If your tastes are not the same, please feel free to ignore anything I've said!
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