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Different faculties may implement numerical marking in different ways, and no doubt some tutors will continue to mark collections with Greek-letter grades for some time to come. The following correspondence between numerical marks and degree classes is taken from the Handbook for Students in the Final Honour School of Theology and in the Diploma of Theology 2000-2001, and should be taken as no more than a general guide.

In particular, note the caveat that appears on p. 10 of the Theology Handbook in relation to this marking scheme: "It should be noted that these were the guidelines used by examiners in 2000, and may be subject to change according to Theology Faculty Board discussions in 2000-1."

  • First Class: 70% or above
  • Upper Second Class: 60-69%
  • Lower Second Class: 50-59%
  • Third Class: 40-49%
  • Pass: 35-39%

The Theology Handbook also contains a paragraph under each class outlining the criteria relevant to assigning a piece of work to that class. I may add these descriptions here later, but students should in any case consult the course handbook for their own faculty.

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