The Contents of Reconstructed Mark

In the table that follows, items in bold indicate agreement in substance and order in Matthew and Luke, where the reconstruction is thus most secure. Items in normal (roman) type are ones that Matthew and Luke have in common, but not in the same order. Items in italics are ones that would look peculiar to Matthew or Luke but might arguably find their way into the reconstruction. Those in blue italics derive from Matthew while those in green italics come from Luke.
Sometimes the inclusion of Sondergut from one or other Evangelist arises where the other has a loose but different parallel that might lead a reconstructor to assume a common source in RMk; elsewhere Sondergut is included to supply what might otherwise be an obvious lacuna in RMk. Where Matthew and Luke have non-Q material in common but not in the same sequence, the Lukan order has generally been preferred. Exceptions to this are indicated by blue roman type which denotes that such material has been placed in its Matthean sequence. Verse numbers in red indicate material that, in my opinion, would be omitted from RMk. Bold Italics indicates common material that occurs in the same sequence in Matthew and Luke but where the absence of a common context might militate against its inclusion in RMk. A question-mark denotes uncertainty about the location of material in roman type, or about the inclusion of material in italic type.

Note that the table that follows should only be taken as a first approximation to RMk as it might turn out. No doubt if an international team of scholars got to work on it and expended as much effort on this thought experiment as has been put into reconstructing Q, there would be a large number of refinements!

Reconstructed Mark
1.4 John the Baptist comes preaching
1.3 Isaiah quote 'in the wilderness'
1.9-11 The Baptism of Jesus
1.14a Jesus goes to Galilee
1.14b-15? Jesus preaches/teaches?
6.1-4 Rejection in Jesus' home town
1.16-20? Jesus calls first 4 disciples by the sea
1.29-31 Healing of Peter's mother in law
1.32-34 Sick healed at evening
1.39 Preaching tour through Galilee
1.40-45 The Cleansing of the Leper
2.1-12 Healing of the Paralytic
2.13-17 The Call of Levi/Matthew
2.18-22 Fasting and Wineskins
2.23-26, 28 Plucking Grain on the Sabbath
3.1-6 Man with the withered hand
3.13-19a The Choosing of the Twelve
3.7-12 Healing diverse diseases
3.27 Binding the Strong Man?
4.1 Introduction to Parables
4.2-9 The Parable of the Sower
4.10-11 The 'Parable Secret'
4.12 Seeing and not perceiving; Is 6.9-10
4.13-20 Interpretation of the Sower Parable
4.21 Light under a bushel
4.22 Hidden and Manifest??
4.25 More given to him who has
3.31-35 Jesus' True Kindred
4.35-41 Stilling the Storm
5.1-20 The Gerasene Demoniac
5.21-43 Jairus' Daughter and bleeding woman
6.1-6a (relocated after 1.15)
6.6b-11 Commissioning the Twelve
6.14-16 Opinions regarding Jesus
6.30 Disciples report?
6.32-44 Feeding of the Five Thousand
8.14-21? Leaven of the Pharisees?
8.27-29 The Disciples' opinion of Jesus (P's Conf)
8.30 Command to secrecy
8.31 First Passion Prediction
8.34-9.1 Cross-bearing discipleship
9.2-10 The Transfiguration
9.14-20,25-27 Epileptic Boy
9.21-24, 28-29
9.30-31 Second Passion Prediction
9.34,36-37 True Greatness; receiving children
10.1 Jesus sets out for Judea/Jerusalem ?
10.13-16 Jesus blesses the Children
10.17-22 The Rich Young Man
10.23-28 On Riches and following Jesus
10.29-30 Rewards for leaving home and family
10.32-34 Third Passion Prediction
10.35-40, (41-45)
10.46-52 Healing of blind man at Jericho
11.1-3 Procuring a colt
11.4-10 Triumphal Entry
11.15-17 Protest in the Temple
11.27-33 The Question about Jesus' Authority
12.1-11 Parable of the Vineyard
12.12 The authorities' hostile reaction
12.13-17 Paying Tribute to Caesar
12.18-27 The Question about the Resurrection
12.28-31 The Great Commandment
12.35-37a The Question about David's Son
12.34b No one dared question him any longer
12.37b-38a Beware of the scribes?
12.38b? who like to go about in long robes?
12.39 They love places of honour and salutations
12.40? They devour widows' houses?
13.1-2 Prediction of Temple's Destruction
13.3-8 Signs before the End
13.9a Warning of persecution/tribulation
13.9b-12 Trials before synagogues and rulers
13.13a You will be hated by all
13.13b Endurance will save/give life
13.14a When you see… ?
13.14b Flee to the mountains
13.15-16 Don't go back to house for possessions
13.17 Alas for the pregnant and nursing
13.19 Great distress/tribulation
13.24-26 The Coming of the Son of man
13.28-31 The Lesson of the Fig Tree
13.35 Watch, therefore, he may come any time
14.1-2 Priests plot to kill Jesus
14.10-11 Judas's Betrayal
14.12-17 Preparation for Passover
14.29 Not drink wine till kingdom
14.22-24 Institution of Eucharist
14.18-21 Jesus foretells his betrayal
10.41-45 Precedence among disciples & rewards
14.29-31 Prophecy of Peter's Denial
14.32-41a Jesus prays in Gethsemane
14.43 A crowd arrives with Judas
14.45 Judas makes to kiss Jesus
14.47 The servant's ear is cut off with a sword
14.48-49a Jesus questions his arrest
14.53-54 Peter follows Jesus to high priest's house
14.66-72 Peter's denial
14.65 Jesus is struck and mocked
15.1a Priests' dawn council
14.61-64 Jesus accused of blasphemy
15.1b Jesus is led before Pilate
15.2 Pilate asks 'Are you the king of the Jews?'
15.3-5 Something may come here = Mt ?
15.6-10 Something may come here = Mt ?
15.11 Something must come here = Mt ?
15.13-14 People demand B's release and J's death
15.15 Barabbas released; Jesus condemned
15.20b-21 Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
15.22 Arrival at Place of the Skull
15.24a Jesus is crucified
15.27 between two bandits
15.24b They cast lots to divide garments
15.29-30? Bystanders?
15.31-32a The authorities mock Jesus
15.36a Soldiers (mockingly) offer vinegar
15.26 Titulus
15.32? Bandits mock Jesus?
15.33 Darkness from 6th hour to 9th hour
15.38 Temple curtain torn in two
15.37 Jesus dies
15.39 Centurion declares J 'Son of God'/innocent
15.40-41 Female witnesses of crucifixion
15.42-46 Joseph buries Jesus; women watch
16.1-8 The Empty Tomb
16.9-10? Women report resurrection?
16.14? Jesus appears to the Eleven?

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By Eric Eve