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Tel: +44(0)1865 271026

Harris Manchester College
University of Oxford

Oxford OX1 3TD, UK



Isabel Ruiz

Official Fellow in Economics (2011 – present)

Harris Manchester College

University of Oxford


Oxford Associate, Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House (2016 – present)

University of Oxford


Affiliate, Latin American Centre (2016 – present)

University of Oxford


Co-coordinator, The Economics of Forced Migration Project


Recent Working Papers  


'The impact of hosting refugees on the intra-household allocation of tasks: A gender perspective', UNU-WIDER Working paper, 2017 (with C. Vargas-Silva)


'Do different doors lead to different paths? Reason for immigration and job search methods', 2017 (with Z. Kone and C. Vargas-Silva)


'Differences in Labour Market Outcomes Between Natives, Refugees and Other Migrants in the UK', SSRN Working paper, 2017 (with C. Vargas-Silva)


'Reason for Immigration and Immigrant’s Health', 2017 (with O. Giuntella, Z. Kone and C. Vargas-Silva)


Recent Publications (since 2013)


'Return migration and economic outcomes in the conflict context' (S. Fransen, I. Ruiz, C. Vargas-Silva) World Development, forthcoming 2017


'Are refugees’ labour market outcomes different from those of other migrants? Evidence from the United Kingdom in the 2005 – 2007 period' (with C. Vargas-Silva) Population, Space and Place, forthcoming 2017.


'The labour market consequences of hosting refugees' (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Economic Geography, 16, 3: 667-694, 2016.


'The impacts of fiscal policy shocks on the US housing market' (with C. Vargas-Silva), Empirical Economics, 50, 3: 777-800, 2016.


'The labour market impacts of forced migration' (with C. Vargas-Silva)

American Economic Review, P&P 105: 5, 581-586, 2015.


'Forced up or down?  The impact of forced migration on social status' (with M. Siegel and C. Vargas-Silva), Journal of Refugee Studies, Online 2014.


'Remittances and the business cycle: A reliable relationship?' (with C. Vargas-Silva), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40:3, 2014.


'The impact of crime and insecurity on trust in democracy and institutions' (with L. Blanco), American Economic Review, P&P 103(3): 284–288, 2013.


'The economics of forced migration' (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Developing Studies, 49: 6, 772-784, 2013.