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Tel: +44(0)1865 271026

Harris Manchester College
University of Oxford

Oxford OX1 3TD, UK isabel.ruiz@economics.ox.ac.uk




Isabel Ruiz

Official Fellow in Economics (2011 – present)

Harris Manchester College

University of Oxford


Research Associate (2013 – present)

Center on Migration Policy and Society,

COMPAS, University of Oxford


Areas of Research


Development Economics

International Economics


Short Bio


I have been teaching economics in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and Economics and Management (E&M) programmes at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford since 2011. Previously I taught economics at Sam Houston State University (USA). My research interests are in the areas of international and development economics. Lately I have been working on the economic consequences of international migration. I am an associate of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Oxford and one of the researchers in the “The Labour Market Impacts of Forced Migration” project (funded by UK DFID and IZA). I have also done extensive research on remittances, FDI and financial markets.


Recent Publications (2012 – present)


The Labor Market Consequences of Hosting Refugees (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Economic Geography, forthcoming. Online in 2015.


The Impacts of Fiscal Policy Shocks on the US Housing Market (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Empirical Economics, forthcoming, Online 2015.


The Labor Market Impacts of Forced Migration (with C. Vargas-Silva)

American Economic Review, 105 (5), 581-586, 2015.


Forced Up or Down?  The Impact of Forced Migration on Social Status (with M. Siegel and C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Refugee Studies, 2014.


“Remittances and the Business Cycle: A Reliable Relationship?” (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40(3), 2014.


The Impact of Crime and Insecurity on Trust in Democracy and Institutions (with L. Blanco)

American Economic Review, 103(3), 284–288, 2013.


The Economics of Forced Migration (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Journal of Developing Studies, 49(6), 772-784, 2013.


The Impact of FDI on CO2 Emissions in Latin America (with L. Blanco and F. Gonzalez)

Oxford Development Studies, 41(1), 104–121, 2013.


Macroeconomic antecedents to U.S. investment in Latin America” (with H. Arbelaez)

Journal of Business Research, 66, 439–447, 2013.


Political Risk, Macroeconomic Uncertainty and the Patterns of FDI (with B. Solomon)

The International Trade Journal, 26, 1-18, 2012.


Exploring the Causes of the Slowdown in Remittances to Mexico (with C. Vargas-Silva)

Empirical Economics, 42(3), 745-766, 2012.