Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

October 23-24, 2004



Schedule of Talks

Saturday October 23

9.00-9.30 -- Coffee

9.30-10.30 -- Daniel Carey (NUI, Galway)
"Locke, Shaftsbury and Innateness."

10.30-11.30 -- Karen Detlefsen (University of Pennsylvania)
"Organic Generation in Descartes and Malebranche."

11.30-11.45 -- Break

11.45-12.45 -- William Grundy (University of Cambridge)
"Politics and Mind: The Idea of Order in Hobbes' Leviathan"

12.45-2.15 -- LUNCH

2.15-3.15 -- Dana Jalobeanu (West University "Vasile Goldis", Arad)
"Bodies, Laws, and the Problem of Secondary Causation in Descartes' Natural Philosophy."

3.15-4.15 -- Sukjae Lee (Ohio State University)
"Leibniz on Spontaneity and Real Causes."

4.15-4.45 -- Break

4.45-5.45 -- Richard Mason (University of Cambridge)
"On Not Being a Christian Philosopher: The Difference in Spinoza."

5.45-6.45 -- Eileen O'Neill (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
"Mary Astell on the Causation of Sensation."

Sunday October 24

9.00-9.15 -- Coffee

9.15-10.15 -- Martine Pécharman (CNRS, Paris)

"What is the Immediate Object of Perception: A Study of Malebranche's Arguments."

10.15-11.15 -- Tad Schmaltz (Duke University)
"Deflating Descartes' Causal Principles."

11.15-11.35 -- Break

11.35-12.35 -- Ralph Schumacher (Humboldt-Universitšt, Berlin)

"Locke on the Intentionality of Sensory Ideas."

12.35-1.35 -- Tom Sorrell (University of Essex)
"The Normative and Explanatory in Hobbes's Civil Science."

The seminar was made possible by the generous support of the
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.