Oxford Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

October 22-23, 2005



Schedule of Talks

Saturday October 22nd

9.00-9.30 Coffee

9.30-10.30 -- Peter Anstey (University of Sydney)
"Locke on Species."

10.30-11.30 -- Antonia LoLordo (University of Virginia)
"Locke's Problem concerning Perceptual Error."

11.30-11.50 - Break

11.50-12.50 -- Katherine Morris (University of Oxford)
"Clear and Distinct Perception and the Irresistibility of Assent."

12.50-2.30 -- LUNCH

2.30-3.30 -- Lisa Downing (University of Illinois - Chicago)

"Supperadding Thought to Matter."

3.30-4.30 -- Marleen Rozemond (University of Toronto)
"The Mind-Body Problem in the Clarke-Collins Correspondence."

4.30-5.00 - Break

5.00-6.00 -- Tom Stoneham (University of York)
"Berkeley's Esse is Percipi and Collier's 'Simple' Argument."

8.00 -- DINNER at Al-Shami (Lebanese restaurant)

Sunday October 23rd

9.00-9.15 -- Coffee

9.15-10.15 -- Donald Ainslie (University of Toronto)

"Hume's Sceptical Conclusion."

10.15-11.15 -- Elisabeth Herschbach (University of Pennsylvania)
"Pleading the Privilege of a Sceptic: Hume's Appendix on Personal Identity."

11.15-11.35 -- Break

11.35-12.35 -- Daniel Garber (Princeton University)
"Leibniz on the Contingency of the Laws of Nature."

12.35-1.35 -- Andreas Blank (Tel Aviv University)
"Striving Possibles and Leibniz's Cognitivist Theory of Volition."


The seminar was made possible by the generous support of the
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford.