Alister McGrath Publications


In addition to the two major textbooks noted earlier, I have written some widely-used textbooks, which have been translated into twenty languages. All are published by Wiley-Blackwell, one of the world’s foremost educational publishers. Christian Theology: An Introduction, now in its fifth edition, has established itself as one of the world’s leading theological textbooks. For further details, see the dedicated website maintained by the publishers, here.

1. Reformation Thought: An Introduction First edition, 1988; second edition, 1993; third edition, 1999; fourth edition, 2012. (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing).

2. Christianity: An Introduction First edition, 1997; second, completely revised edition, 2006. (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing). Third edition in preparation.

3. Science and Religion: An Introduction. First edition, 1999; second, completely revised edition, 2009 (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing).

4. Theology: The Basics First edition, 2004; second edition, 2007; third edition 2011. (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing).

5. Theology: The Basic Texts First edition, 2007; second edition 2011 (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing).

6. Christian History: An Introduction. (Oxford: Blackwell-Wiley, 2013)