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I have a special interest in the life and thought of CS Lewis, and have published two major works on this theme. Click on their titles for further details.

1. CS Lewis - A Life. Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet

This biography was published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Lewis’s death, and represents the outcome of a sustained engagement with primary sources. The work’s most radical suggestion, which is now finding wide acceptance, is that Lewis mis-remembered the date of his own conversion, which dates from the summer of 1930, rather than from 1929 (the date that Lewis provides in his autobiography Surprised by Joy).

2. The Intellectual World of CS Lewis

This second work, which takes the form of eight scholarly essays exploring aspects of Lewis’s thought, breaks new ground at many points, especially in highlighting the importance of visual imagery within Lewis’s thought. It also includes important discussions of Lewis’s place as a theologian, and his identity as an Anglican writer and thinker.

I am also considering a work dealing with Lewis’s views on science and religion, which have not received the attention that they deserve.

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