Alister McGrath Publications

The Intellectual World of CS Lewis

This work takes the form of eight scholarly essays exploring aspects of Lewis’s thought, breaks new ground at many points, especially in highlighting the importance of visual imagery within Lewis’s thought (essay 3). It also includes important discussions of Lewis’s place as a theologian, and his identity as an Anglican writer and thinker. The eight essays are:

1. The Enigma of Autobiography: Critical Reflections on Surprised by Joy

2. The “New Look”: Lewis’s Philosophical Context at Oxford in the 1920s

3. A Gleam of Divine Truth: The Concept of Myth in Lewis’s Thought

4. The Privileging of Vision: Lewis’s Metaphors of Light, Sun, and Sight

5. Arrows of Joy: Lewis’s Argument from Desire

6. Reason, Experience, and Imagination: Lewis’s Apologetic Method

7. A “Mere Christian”: Anglicanism and Lewis’s Religious Identity

8. Outside the “Inner Ring”: Lewis as a Theologian

“In the mass of recent writing about CS Lewis, this volume stands out as essential, and should be on everyone’s reading list, whether that of the research scholar or general reader.” Professor Paul Fiddes, Oxford University