Years 2 - 4


D.Phil Project

Students are admitted to Oxford as Probationary Research students.  At the end of year 1, students undergo a process called Transfer of Status.  This is when students become formally transferred from PRS status to D.Phil student status.  This process involves completion of the appropriate graduate progression form, submission of a written report,  a short presentation, and  a viva.  It is the first major milestone of the degree.  Another similar milestone takes place by the end of term 9, this is called Confirmation of Status and ensures that students remain on track to submit their thesis by the ultimate deadline of 48 months.

Students will become fully registered in their project department at the end of their first year, and will initiate the Transfer of Status process, which must be completed by the end of the fourth term.  They will now be fully engaged on their Research Project.  Ultimately they will gain their D.Phil from the department in which they carry out their research project, e.g. D.Phil in Earth Sciences.

Specialist training in streams continues alongside the D.Phil project, to support high-level independant research, leading to thesis submission by months 42-48.

The Professional Skills Development training and the Skills toolkit will continue through year 2-4.

Impact and Engagement

The DTP in Environmental Research will deliver an ambitious training programme in both impact an public engagement, building on the particular expertise available within Oxford and across our partners.

Oxford sparks will offer training to DTP students in public engagement, blogging, the use of social media and the production of videos and poscasts.

Science Oxford will support training for students wishing to become STEM Ambassadors, and will facilitate engagement with schools and teacher across Oxfordshire

Knowledge Exchange Fellows within the DTP, and Isis Innovation (the university's technology transfer company) will provide training in Knowledge Exchange and Innovation.

Impact and Engagement training will fold out and for 2nd and 3rd year students will include Policy and Governance workshops led by Blavatnik School of Government, Technology transfer training run by Isis Innovation, Outreach and Engagement competition with Science Oxford and an annual Innovation and Enterprise competition with projrect partners.