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The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics

Edited by Alyssa Ney and David Albert


This is a new volume of original essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics. The essays address questions such as: What fundamental metaphysics is best motivated by quantum mechanics? What is the ontological status of the wave function? Does quantum mechanics support the existence of any other fundamental entities, e.g. particles? What is the nature of the fundamental space (or space-time manifold) of quantum mechanics? What is the relationship between the fundamental ontology of quantum mechanics and ordinary, macroscopic objects like tables, chairs, and persons? The volume includes a comprehensive introduction with a history of quantum mechanics and the debate over its metaphysical interpretation focusing especially on the main realist alternatives.

My chapter

  • A Prolegomenon to the Ontology of the Everett Interpretation (more here)


  • Review, Craig Callender, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.
  • Review, Jeffrey A. Barrett, Notre Dame Review of Books, 2013.