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Symmetries in Physics cover

Symmetries in Physics: Philosophical Reflections

Edited by Katherine Brading and Elena Castellani


Highlighting main issues and controversies, this book brings together current philosophical discussions of symmetry in physics to provide an introduction to the subject for physicists and philosophers. The contributors cover all the fundamental symmetries of modern physics, such as CPT and permutation symmetry, as well as discussing symmetry-breaking and general interpretational issues. Classic texts are followed by new review articles and shorter commentaries for each topic. Suitable for courses on the foundations of physics, philosophy of physics and philosophy of science, the volume is a valuable reference for students and researchers.

My chapter

  • Time-dependent symmetries: the link between gauge symmetries and indeterminism (more here)


  • Essay Review (full access requires subscription), Jordi Cat, Philosophy of Science 73 (2006) pp. 459-468.
  • Review, Chris Wuthrich, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 36 (2005) pp 576-582.
  • Review, Eliseo Fernandez, Metascience 13 (3) 2004, 329-333 (link is to a longer, online-only version