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Books I've been involved with

(In roughly decreasing order of involvement)

Books I wrote

My first book, The Emergent Multiverse: Quantum Theory According to the Everett Intepretation, was published by OUP in June 2012 and is now available in paperback. It was the joint winner of the 2013 Lakatos Prize (along with Laura Ruetsche's Interpreting Quantum Theories).

Books I co-edited

I also co-edited a volume of papers on the Everett Interpretation: Many Worlds? Everett, Quantum Theory, and Reality, which was published by OUP in 2010. The other editors were Simon Saunders, Jon Barrett, and Adrian Kent.

Books I co-wrote

I wrote about 25% of Dean Rickles' edited volume, The Ashgate Companion to Contemporary Philosophy of Physics, which appeared from Ashgate (obviously) in 2008.

Books I contributed to

I contributed a paper on probability in (especially quantum) physics to Chance and Temporal Asymmetry, edited by Alastair Wilson, Oxford University Press, 2043.

I contributed a paper on how to think about the metaphysics of quantum mechanics(especially in the Everett interpretation) to The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics, edited by Alyssa Ney and David Albert, Oxford University Press, 2013.

I wrote the entry on the Everett interpretation for the Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Physics, edited by Robert Batterman, which appeared from Oxford University Press in 2013.

I wrote the entry on the arrow of time for the Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of Time, edited by Adrian Bardon and Heather Dyke published by Wiley in 2013.

I took part in a written "interview", along with sixteen other philosophers and physicists, for Maximilian Schlosshauer's collection, Elegance and Enigma: the Quantum Interviews, published by Springer in 2011.

I contributed a chapter to Katherine Brading and Elena Castellani's edited volume, Symmetries in Physics: philosophical reflections, published by CUP back in 2003.