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I have commented on international affairs for the BBC, Reuters, and the Associated Press and my commentaries have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, the Indian Express, and the Japan Times.

Commentary and Media

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Relations between the US and India look better today," Daily Telegraph January 24, 2015

Walter C. Ladwig III,"How did Barack Obama fall from grace?" Daily Telegraph November 5, 2014

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Why aren't air strikes stopping Isil's advance?" Daily Telegraph October 7, 2014

Walter C. Ladwig III,"The Best Defense Is Dialogue," New York Times September 27, 2012

Walter C. Ladwig III,"An Artificial Bloc Built on a Catchphrase," New York Times March 26, 2012

Walter C. Ladwig III,"India's Unfinished Asia Pivot," Wall Street Journal January 25, 2012

Walter C. Ladwig III,"A Trilateral Foundation for Indo-Pacific Security," Japan Times December 27, 2011

Appearance on BBC 4’s World News Today to discuss Obama's Afghan drawdown plan, June 22, 2011

Appearance on BBC’s The Hub to discuss Indo-Afghan Relations, May 12, 2011

Interviewed and cited in Sanjeev Miglani, “Indian plan to deter Pakistan more myth than reality,” Reuters, December 9, 2010.

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Cameron's Afghan Challenge," Wall Street Journal July 26, 2010

Walter C. Ladwig III,"India Sets Sail for Leadership," Wall Street Journal June 9, 2010

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Time to Restart the Special Relationship," Baltimore Sun May 6, 2010

Appearance on BBC 4’s World News Today to discuss Indo-US Relations, November 23, 2009

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Putting Indo-US Ties Back on Track,"Wall Street Journal November 23, 2009 (with Anit Mukherjee)

Walter C. Ladwig III,"Relationship Advice,"Indian Express November 16, 2009 (with Anit Mukherjee)

Interviewed and cited in Quynh Le, “Vietnam’s trump card in the South China Sea?” BBC World Service, June 26, 2009

Interviewed and cited in Sandeep Unnithan, “Fast and Furious,” India Today, April 7, 2008