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Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Resources

Insurgency Links

Archival Resources

CIA’s Electronic FOIA Reading Room
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives
National Security Action Memoranda - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library
Office of the Chief of Military History Manuscripts
U.S. Department of State Electronic FOIA Reading Room
Paul Wolf's National Archives Research (COIN Stuff)

Indexes to Military Periodicals

Military Education Research Library Network
Staff College Automated Military Periodicals Index
Shrivenham Index

Indian Military Resources

Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
India Defence
Indian Army Doctrine
Institute of South Asian Studies (Singapore)
Official 1971 War History (India)
The 1971 India-Pakistan War Site
Going Tactical
India's Use of Force: The Missing Indirect Approach
A Normal Nuclear Pakistan

Indian Ocean and Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia and the Illois
The Indian Ocean Region
History of US-UK Involvement in Diego Garcia (1770-2004)
Google Earth Map of Diego Garcia

Military Theory

Military Strategy and Theory Resources
Changing Nature of Warfare
Principles of War Seminar Series


Committee for the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy
Summer Workshop on Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy
The Oxford Leverhulme Program on the Changing Character of War


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