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I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy, at Somerville College in the University of Oxford.

My current research focusses on various issues in ethics. My interests include: foundational issues in consequentialism ('global' and 'two-level' forms of consequentialism), the debate between consequentialists and contractualists, aggregation (utilitarianism, prioritarianism and egalitarianism), moral psychology and selective debunking arguments, population ethics, the interface between ethics and economics, and the analogies between ethics and epistemology.

I also have interests in formal epistemology. My earlier research (until 2011) focussed mainly on philosophy of physics; these interests are now dormant.

Contact information

Email: hilary dot greaves at philosophy dot ox dot ac dot uk.
Mailing address:Somerville College
Oxford OX2 6HD

Email is the quickest and most reliable way to reach me.

My papers

  • 'Extended preferences.' With Harvey Lederman. In preparation.
  • 'A reconsideration of the Harsanyi-Sen-Weymark debate on utilitarianism.' Under review. Draft
  • 'Antiprioritarianism'. Utilitas 27(1):1-42. Preprint
  • 'Ethics, climate change and the role of discounting' (unpublished critical survey article). Manuscript
  • 'The social disvalue of premature deaths'. In Weighing and Reasoning: Themes from the philosophy of John Broome, pp.72-86, eds. Andrew Reisner and Iwao Hirose. Preprint
  • 'The CPT theorem'. With Teruji Thomas. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 45:46--65. Preprint
  • 'Epistemic decision theory'. Mind 122(488):915-952. Online publication Preprint
  • 'Empirical consequences of symmetries'. With David Wallace. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 61(1):27-50. Preprint
  • 'In search of spacetime structuralism'. Philosophical Perspectives 25(1): 189�204, December 2011. Preprint
  • 'Towards a geometrical understanding of the CPT theorem' (2010). British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2010) 61 (1): 27-50. Preprint
  • 'Everett and Evidence'. With Wayne Myrvold. In Many Worlds? Everett, Quantum Theory, & Reality, ed. Saunders, Barrett, Kent and Wallace, Oxford University Press (2010). Preprint
  • 'Time reversal in classical electromagnetism' (2009). With Frank Arntzenius. In British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2009) 60 (3): 557-584. Preprint
  • 'On the Everettian epistemic problem' (March 2007). In Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 38(1), March 2007, pp.120-152. Preprint
  • 'Probability in the Everett interpretation' (January 2007). In Philosophy Compass 2(1), 109-128. Preprint
  • 'Justifying conditionalization: Conditionalization maximizes expected epistemic utility' (July 2006). With David Wallace. In Mind 115(459):607-632, July 2006. Preprint
  • 'Understanding Deutsch's probability in a deterministic multiverse' (September 2004). In Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 35(3), September 2004, pp.423-456. Preprint


    Reading lists

    I update my reading lists virtually every time I teach in response to new literature and student suggestions; the following may not be my most recent versions. If you're one of my students, use the version on Weblearn rather than those below. Those on this page are for the convenience of other interested parties.

  • General Philosophy
  • FHS 102: Knowledge and Reality
  • FHS 103: Ethics
  • FHS 117: Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein
  • FHS 120: Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Philosophy of Special Relativity
  • FHS 120: Intermediate Philosophy of Physics: Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
  • FHS 124: Philosophy of Science
  • FHS 128: The philosophy and economics of the environment

    Last updated: 30 September 2014