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A Short Bio  
I was born St Patrick’s Day, 1986 in Xianyang, where the first emperor of a unified China located his throne more than two millenniums ago. Weirdly enough, however, for reasons to be identified I always consider my hometown as Suzhou, from where my grandparents emigrated along with their factories and colleagues following Chairman Mao’s instruction of ‘constructing the third frontier’ in 1960s. One possible explanation could be that both my Mom and Dad spent their childhood in Suzhou with their grandparents, and their experience might have shaped my identity and taste as well as theirs.

After spending the first six and a half years of my life in Xianyang, I moved down to Guangdong Province with my parents in winter 1992, a few months after Deng Xiaoping delivered the famous remarks on deepening the economic reform during his inspection tour of south China. I was one of the first students in Nonglin Primary School in Jiangmen, where I became a fluent Cantonese speaker and started to develop a love of writing.

In summer 1998, after finished my primary education, I moved again with my family and finally settled down in Beijing. Since then, I stayed in the capital city for ten years before coming to England. I studied first in The No.2 Middle School of Tongzhou District and then in Beijing No.4 High School before being admitted by Peking University. In most of my four undergraduate years, I simultaneously read public administration in the School of Government and sociology in the Department of Sociology. In July 2008, both of my first degrees were granted in the same day, one in urban management and the other in sociology.

After celebrating the Beijing Olympic Games at home, I first arrived in England in a cool and clear autumn evening. My first two years away from home were mostly spent at Churchill College, Cambridge, where I first studied for an MPhil in Modern Society and Global Transformation (sociology) and then a PhD in Politics. I then restarted my doctoral project in Oxford, first as a member of Merton College and then a member of St Antony’s College.

I worked as a research assistant in PKU, Cambridge, and Oxford and an undergraduate tutor in both Chinese politics and Chinese language. Currently, in addition to occasionally doing academic translation, I regularly write newspaper articles in order to introduce the latest academic research on China to the general public in China (please click here for a full list of my newspaper articles).

  • My current CV is downloadable here.
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