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  • Journal Articles
    • Tao, Yu. 2015 . “Unlikely Friends of the Authoritarian and Atheist Ruler: Religious Groups and Collective Contention in Rural China”, Politics & Religion 8(01): 86-110 . [SSCI/A&HCI] {link}
  • Chapters and Entries
    • Wu, Silas, and Yu Tao. 2015. "China." In Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices (2nd edition), Volumn 2, edited by T. Riggs. Farmington Hills: Gale, 328-348. {Publisher's Link}
    • Tao, Yu and Mingxing Liu. 2013. “Intermediate Associations, Grassroots Elites and Collective Petitioning in Rural China.” In Elites and Governance in China, edited by X. Zang and J. W. Kou. London: Routledge, 110-135 (Chapter 7).{Goolge Books}
  • Reports
    • Tao, Yu. 2012. "A Solo, a Duet or an Ensemble? Analysing the Recent Development of Religious Communities in Contemporary Rural China." ECRAN Working Paper. Europe China Research and Advice Network. (This paper won the Best Paper Award at the 1st Young China Researchers' PhD Student Forum, which formed part of the 4th International Forum for Contemporary Chinese Studies. University of Nottingham. 13 September 2011.){pdf}
  • Book Reviews
    • Tao, Yu. 2016 (in press). Book review of East Asian Societies, by W. Lawrence Neuman. Political Studies Review 14(2). [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2015 (in press). Book review of Political Sociology in a Global Era: An Introduction to the State and Society, by Berch Berberoglu. Political Studies Review 13(4). [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2015 (in press). Book review of Contestation and Adaptation: The Politics of National Identity in China, by Enze Han. Political Studies Review 13(2). [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2015 (in press). Book review of China Across the Divide: The Domestic and Global in Politics and Society, edited by Rosemary Foot. Political Studies Review 13(2). [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2015. Book review of A Middle Class Without Democracy: Economic Growth and the Prospects for Democratization in China, by Jie Chen. Political Studies Review 13(1): 155. {link}{pdf} [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2014. Book review of Understanding Chinese Politics: An Introduction to Government in the People's Republic of China, by Neil Collins and Andrew Cottey. Political Studies Review 12(2):331-332. {link}{pdf} [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2014. Book review of Ruling, Resources and Religion in China: Managing the Multiethinic State in the 21st Century, by Elizabeth Van Wie Davis. Asian Affairs 45(1): 182-184. {link}{pdf}
    • Tao, Yu. 2014. Book review of Zhu Rongji Meets the Press, by Zhu Rongji. Political Studies Review 12(1): 165. {link}{pdf} [SSCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2013. Book review of Is China Buying the World?, by Peter Nolan. China Perspectives 2013(3): 93-94. {link}{pdf}
    • Tao, Yu. 2012. Book review of The Religious Question in Modern China, by Vincent Goossaert and David A. Palmer. Religion 42(4): 689-693. {link}{pdf} [A&HCI]
    • Tao, Yu. 2011. Book review of Nation and Religion: Perspectives on Europe and Asia, edited by Peter van der Veer and Hartmut Lehmann. Bijiao: China in Comparative Perspective Book Review 1: 28-29. {link}{pdf}
    • Tao, Yu. 2010. Book review of Making Religion, Making The State: The Politics Of Religion In Modern China, edited by Yoshiko Ashiwa and David L. Wank. Religion 40(4): 373-374. {link}{pdf} [A&HCI]
  • 期刊论文 (Journal Articles)
    • 陶郁,“上帝、苦难与自由意志(The God, Sufferings, and the Free Will)”,《读书(Reading)》,2014年第8期,第124-128页。{pdf}[CSSCI]
    • 陶郁,“故事背后有故事(Narrtive underlying the Stories)”,《读书(Reading)》,2014年第5期,第86-90页。{pdf}[CSSCI]
    • 陶郁、刘明兴,“群众社团与农村基层冲突治理 (Intermediate Organisations and Grassroots Conflicts Resolution in Rural China)”,《政治学研究(Political Studies)》,2014年第1期,第52-61页。{abstrct}{pdf}{full-version}[CSSCI]
    • 陶郁,“2010年国际能源企业救灾调查(International Energy Enterprises and Disaster Relief in 2010)”,《能源评论(Energy Review)》,2011年第1期,第46-49页。{pdf}
    • 刘明兴、刘永东、陶郁、陶然,“中国农村社团的发育、纠纷调解与群体性上访 (The Development of Rural Associations, Disputes Mediating and Collective Petitions in Rural China)”,《社会学研究 (Sociological Studies)》,2010年第6期,第178-200页。{abstract} {pdf} [CSSCI]
  • 章节 (Chapters)
    • 陶郁、刘明兴,“双重认可与交叠权威:理解当代中国农村社团与群体性抗争的关系(Dual Acceptance and Overlapping Authorities: Understanding the Relationship between Rural Associations and Collective Protests in Contemporary Rural China)”,载于《信访研究》(Studies of Petitioning)》,肖唐镖主编,上海:学林出版社,2014年版,191-225页。{full-text}
    • 陶郁、刘明兴、刘永东、陶然,“中国农村社团的组织结构与功能分析”(An Analysis on the Organisational Structures and Functions of Rural Associations),载于《当代中国社会结构变迁与社会管理》(Dynamics of Social Structure and Social Management in Contemporary China),李培林主编,北京:经济管理出版社。即将发表。{preview}
  • 译著 (Transaltions)
    • 图书 (Books)
      • 彼得·豪根 (Peter Haugen),《这就是世界史!》,徐力恒、陶郁、袁剑译,北京:人民邮电出版社,2014年版。{京东} {当当} {卓越亚马逊}
    • 图书章节 (Chapers)
      • 黄佩华(Christine Wong),“为实现长效发展而改革中国的公共财政制度”,《中国经济增长与发展新模式》,崔宏月、陶郁译,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2014年版,第165-187页。
      • Andrew Watson,“中国社会的福利建设:一个转型经济体的养老保险供给”,《中国经济再平衡与可持续发展》,陶郁译,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2013年版,第245-268页。
      • Deborah Brautigam,“中国在非洲的发展援助:性质、对象、 目的及规模”,《崛起的中国:全球机遇与挑战》,陶郁译,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2012年版,第206-229页。
      • Peter E. Robertson,“当巨人遇见巨人:中印发展比较”,《崛起的中国:全球机遇与挑战》,陶郁,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2012年版,第230-252页。
      • 郜若素(Ross Garnaut),“中国在经济危机中的世界地位”,《全球金融危机下的中国:经济、地缘政治和环境的视角》,陶郁,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2010年版,第3-14页。
      • Stephen Howes,“中国能否挽救全球气候变化谈判”,《全球金融危机下的中国:经济、地缘政治和环境的视角》,陶郁译,北京:社会科学文献出版社,2010年版,第328-344页。


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