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Hello! Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Yu Tao. I just finished my doctoral project at the Department of Politics and International Relations in the University of Oxford. My DPhil, supervised by Professor Patricia Thornton, was defended with no corrections in Feburary 2015. I am a former Dahrendorf Scholar at St. Antony's College and a former China Oxford Scholar at Merton College.

I am Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), where I teach Area Studies and Development Studies, supervise MA students, and act as personal tutor for undergraduate students.

In the broadest sense, I consider myself a political sociologist – a political scientist whose primary job is to make sense of the social foundations and mechanisms underlying politics.

I am most interested in investigating and explaining the roles played by intermediate organisations in contentious politics, with a special focus on authoritarian countries. My doctoral project looks at the heterogeneous correlation between religious groups and collective contention in contemporary rural China. Drawing upon first-hand data collected through a randomly sampled national survey, several dozen of in-depth interviews in various Chinese villages, and intensive fieldwork in two coastal counties in Southeast China, I demostrate that different varieties of social capital affect the roles of religious groups in collective contention differently: Bonding social capital is indispensable to the survival and revival of religious groups in hostile environments; bridging social capital extends the influence of religious groups to external villagers; and linking social capital enhances the mutual trust and understanding between religious groups and local states. Based on the results of both my regression models and my comparative case studies, I argue that religious groups which simultaneously contain all these three varieties of social capital are normally more capable in facilitating negotiations, mediatubg disputes, and channelling grievances to be released through contained rather than transgressive contention.

I am also enthusiastic about other sorts of research on state-society relations, intermediate organisations, and contentious politics. In addition, I am deeply fascinated by the relationship between disciplinary studies and area studies (especially between political science and contemporary Chinese studies).

When not doing research or pretending so, I am a big fan of food, books, history, and architecture. I love travelling, reading, watching documentaries, and, occasionally, cooking.

On this website, you can find my latest academic publication, conference presentation, op-ed entries, and teaching materials, as well as some personal information, such as a very short bio of me and the prizes and honours that I have been awarded. In addition, you can also find me on various social media through the contact information provided at the bottom right corner of this page.


Yu Tao


Yu Tao | 陶郁

DPhil (Politics, Oxon, 2015)

MPhil (Sociology, Cantab., distinction, 2009)

BA(Sociology, PKU, top of the year, 2008)

BA(Goverment, PKU, top of the year, 2008)

AB 152, Adelphi Building

University of Central Lancashire

Preston, PR1 2HE

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