M.Phil Theses In Modern Middle East Studies
Faculty of Oriental Studies
All graduates from the M.Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies
classes listed below were asked to contribute.

All students who did so are included.

The authors retain all rights to their work.


2007 Graduates:
  Helene Bartos Israeli-German Relations in the Years 2000-2006: A Special Relationship Revisited
  David Alexander Bienert The Concept of Jihad in the Writings of Abdessalam Yassine
  Josie Delap:

Narges: Constructing and Contesting Identities in an Iranian Television Serial

  Erol Gulay:

The Theological Thought of Fethullah Gülen: Reconciling Science and Islam

  Sharif Ismail: Unification in Yemen: Dynamics of Political Integration, 1978-2000
  Nick Kardahji:

A Measure of Restraint: The Palestine Police and the End of the British Mandate

  Chrystie Flournoy Swiney:

Ideological & Behavioral Metamorphoses: A New Charter for a New Hamas

  Katja Zvan The Politics of the Reform of the New Family Law (the Moudawana)
2006 Graduates:
  Brock Dahl:

The Lebanese-Palestinian Conflict in 1973: The Social (De)Construction of Lebanese Sovereignty

  Michael Kalin: Hidden Pharaohs: Egypt, Engineers and the Modern Hydraulic
  Naomi Stone: Bilad Al Haqaniya?: Otherness and Homeland in the Case of Djerban, Tunisian Jewry
  George Weyman: Empowering Youth or Reshaping Compliance? Star Magzine, Symbolic Production, and Competing Visions of Shabab in Syria
2005 Graduates:
  Reem Abou-el-fadl: Rethinking the National Projects of Egypt and Turkey
  Matt Ellis: King Me: The Political Culture of Monarchy in Interwar Egypt and Iraq
  Aaron Jakes: Extracurricular Nationalism: Youth Culture in the Age of Egypt's Parliamentary Monarchy
  Patrick Wrigley: Ayiz Atsaqqaf: Islam, the Middle Class, and Notions of Culture in Egypt
2004 Graduates:
  Ari Alexander: The Jews of Baghdad and Zionism: 1920-1948
  John-Paul Ghobrial: Mere Kalam Fadi?: Language and Meaning in Modern Egyptian History
2003 Graduates:
  Catherine Boase: Hizballah: The Evolution of an Islamist Movement (1982-2002)
  Paul Bagon: The Impact of the Jewish Underground upon Anglo Jewry: 1945-1947
  Dominic Coldwell: Egypt's "Autumn of Fury": The Construction of Opposition to the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Process between 1973 and 1981
  Kanako Mabuchi: The Meaning of Motherhood during the First Intifada: 1987-1993
  Lindsay Wise: "Words from the Heart": New Forms of Islamic Preaching in Egypt