The Order of the Purification of Women.

The 1549 Book of Common Prayer

Source: F.E. Brightman, The English Rite Vol. II (London: Rivingtons, 1915) 880ff

The woman shall come into the churche, and there shal knele downed some conueniente place nygh unto the quier doore: and the prieste standyng by her shall saye these woordes, or suche lyke, as the case shall require.

FORASMUCHE as it hath pleased almightie god of hys goodnes to geue you safe deliueraunce, and your childe baptism, and hath preserued you in the greate daunger of childebirth: ye shal therefore geue hartie thankes unto god, and pray.

Then shall the prieste saye this psalme.

Leuaui oculos. Psalm cxxi.

I HAUE lifted up mine iyes unto the hilles, from whence cummeth my helpe ?
My help cummeth euen from the lord, which hath made heauen and earth.
He will not suffer thy foote to be moued, and he that kepeth thee wil not slepe.
Beholde he that kepeth Israel, shal neither slumber nor slepe.
The lorde himselfe is thy keper, the lorde is thy defence upon thy right hande.
So that the sonne shall not burne thee by daye, neyther the moone by nyght.
The lord shal preserue thee from al euil, yea it is euen he that shal kepe thy soule.
The lord shal preserue thy going out, and thy cumming in, from this tyme furth for euermore.
Glorye to the father, &c.
As it was in the beginning, &c.

Lord haue mercie upon us.
Christ haue mercie upon us.
Lord haue mercie upon us.

Our father whiche art in heauen, &c.

And leade us not into temptacion.
Aunswere.But deliuer us from euil. Amen.
Priest. O lord saue this woman thy seruaunt.
Aunswerc. Whiche putteth her trust in thee.
Priest. Bee thou to her a strong tower.
From the face of her enemie.
Priest. O Lorde heare our prayer.
Aunswere. And let our crye come to thee,

Priest. Let us pray.

O ALMIGHTIE God, which hast deliuered this woman thy seruant from the great payne and peril of childbirth: Grant, we beseehe thee (most mercifull father), that she through thy helpe ay both faithfully lyue, and walke in her vocacyon accordynge to thy will in thys lyfe presente; and also may be partaker of everlastyng glorye in the lyfe to come: through Jesus Christ our lorde. Amen.

The woman that is purifyed, must offer her Crysome and other accustomed offeringes. And if there be a communion, it is conuenient that she reciue the holy communion.

This text marked up by Michael Fraser, April 1995