[Current home page is at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~mikef/. This page is a historical web page created from 1993-1995]

Welcome to the WWW page of Michael Fraser

Occasionally at the Department of Theology, University of Durham.

Mainly at the CTI Centre for Textual Studies, University of Oxford

Last updated: 30/04/95

About Michael Fraser

The Rite and Feast of the Encaenia

The Pilgrimage of Egeria [Under construction]

Theology and Computing at the University of Durham

Finding God in Cyberspace by John Gresham: Hypertext Edition

The Humanities Computing and CTI Centre at Oxford

New improved Theology Resource Routes

Please mail me (mike.fraser@oucs.ox.ac.uk) with any comments or suggestions.

Michael Fraser
June 1994, April 1995, April 1996