Translation of the Feast of the Encaenia in the Georgian Lectionary

  • September 13
  • The month of September 13.  In the Anastasis, the Dedication, which are the 
    [days of the] Encaenia.  
    Before at vespers:
    Troparion: How innumerable are your... Psalm, mode iv: All the earth adores... (Ps 65:4) Stichus: Praise God all the earth (Ps 65:1)
    At the Liturgy:
    Troparion, mode i: [Plusquam Sol] Psalm, mode iv: All the nations which you have made... (Ps 85:9) Stichus: Because you O Lord, have comforted me... (Ps 85:17) Reading I, The Wisdom of Solomon: Beginning. God our father and Lord (Wis. Sol. 9:1-8). As it comes in the dedication of a church. Reading II. From the Prophet Zachariah: Thus says the Lord all-powerful, I have returned to Jerusalem with compassion...Therefore I will build a wall of fire around her and I will dwell with glory within her. (Zach 1:16-2:5) Reading III, Paul to Timothy: This I am writing to you... As it comes in Lent, the fifth Thursday. Alleluia, mode v: We shall be satisfied with the goodness... (Ps 64:5) The Gospel of John: And they were celebrating the encaenia in Jerusalem and it was winter...I am the son of God. If my father does not perform the work... (Jn 10:22-37).
  • September 14
  • The manuscript which forms the basis for Tarchnischvili's edition, Paris Georgian 3, lacks the opening text of the feast and commences with a reading from Isaiah 65. The manuscript of Lathal, however, preserves detailed rubrics for this day. The manuscript not only gives the readings for this day, but also instructions concerning the showing of the Cross to the people. Since this liturgical action has its origins in the earliest celebration of the feast, it is appropriate to reproduce a translation. The text reads as follows,

    The Exaltation of the Cross...
    e) And they say the third prokeimenos mode II:  Your cross, O Christ, we
    adore. Stichus: Show us a good sign (Ps 85:17).  Have mercy. 
    f) All accomplish the above order.  After this they wash the cross, anoint
    it with perfume and they say the "hypakoi" of the cross; the cross is
    shown to the people, and again the cross is placed on the altar... 
    g) After this they begin the canon of the sacrifice.  Troparion, mode I:
    The seal of Christ.  Psalm. Mode VIII: Show salvation, Lord, to your
    people and bless... (Ps 27:9).  Stichus The Lord is the strength of his
    people (Ps 27:8). 
    h) Reading from Proverbs beginning: She is the sign of life for all who
    flee to her and all who should believe in her...[until] that you shall
    walk in the hope of peace for all your life and your foot shall not
    stumble. (Prov. 3:18-23)