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Humanities Division
800 years of humanities research
Largest division in University (students/staff)
Feasibility study (Summer 2004) for Humanities VRE
Has input from Research Technologies Service/e-Science Centre
Across the projects there is an emphasis on the environment and the development of sharable tools
VRE has to be integrated with existing research infrastructure and day to day research (user requirements essential to both projects)
For IB VRE this includes in vitro experimentation as well as insilico
For humanities this includes physical location, books, communication with people
Emphasis on standards e.g. IB VRE originally proposed Sakai, was asked to use OGCE, now looking at uPortal
Sakai Demonstrator should benefit from SPIE project and earlier work with Z39.50 (Jafer and SPP) – but only if standards such as WSRP available
Sustainability always requires an exit strategy from the technology