The Purification of a Woman After Child Birth Before the Church Porch

First let the Priest say Ps. cxxiii., " I,will lift up mine eyes; " and Ps. cxxviii., "Blessed are all they."

Lord, have mercy upon us:
Christ, have mercy upon us
Lord, have mercy upon us.

Our Father.

V. And lead us not into temptation.
R. But deliver us from evil.
V. O Lord, my God, save this woman Thy servant,
R. Who putteth her trust in Thee.
V. Send her help from the holy place,
R. And defend her out of Zion.
V. Be Thou to her, O Lord, a strong tower,
R. From the face of her enemy.
V. Lord, hear my prayer,
R. And let my cry come unto Thee.
V. The Lord be with you,
R. And with thy spirit.

The Collect.

O God, Who has delivered this Thy servant from the peril of childbirth, and made her faithful to Thy service; grant that after hath faithfully finished the course of this life she may obtain life and rest eternal under the wings of Thy mercy. Through.

Then let the woman be sprinkled with Holy Water, the Priest saying Purge me with hyssop; then let him lead her by the right hand into Church, saying:

Enter into the temple of God, that thou mayest have eternal life and live for ever and ever. Amen

This text marked up by Michael Fraser, April 1995