Oxford Centre for Fetal Monitoring Technologies


About the group

We work on determining the relationship between fetal heart rate and fetal health prior to and during labour, by analysing 'big' routinely collected datasets.

Our primary objective is to derive novel knowledge by analysing the large carditocographic (CTG) archives of routine fetal monitoring and clinical data, collected over the past 30 years, by Professor Chris Redman at the Oxford Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NDOG). Our current datasets comprise about 30,000 women monitored antepartum and over 58,000 women monitored intrapartum. The data collected since 2011 has not been included yet and will be used for validation and further developments.

We use these data to develop decision support systems at the bedside that assess the impeding risk of birth asphyxia for the newborn and improve clinical decision making, so as to reduce perinatal mortality and morbidity.

Funding: National Institute for Health Resaerch (NIHR); The Henry Smith Charity and Action Medical Research.

Cardiotocogram - CTG