My musical interests are wide-ranging and include not only listening and performing but also composing and arranging. I specialise in keyboard and choral music. In recent years, I have directed a variety of groups, the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy Choir and the Wykeham Singers (New College's student choir - NOT the chapel choir) among others. I also founded a small (originally barbershop) group, the QuadWranglers, which performed a good number times in Oxford.


My greatest musical interest, however, is in composition. I have written a variety of pieces for different groups and produced arrangements for others. Because of copyright issues I can only make available here a list of my work with some very brief score excerpts and midi files. My Missa S. Michaelis for ATB choir, which was first performed in January 2000, is available from its publisher, Oriana Publications, and I am hoping that they will take on some more of my music. In the meantime, enquiries about other works should be directed to me, from whom copies of all the other listed material are available; most are directly available online from


For music publishing, incidentally, I strongly recommend the package Noteworthy Composer, available online, which is outstanding for its ease of use and quality of output. It is also extremely good value for money.