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Strange Encounters

So I've had a few strange encounters with young children over the last few weeks, it's made me realise that their view of the world is so much more awesome than I first realised!

Encounter 1:

This happened at breakfast at a friend's house, and it kicked off this entire series of events, we were talking about how I was good at maths at school:
"So you were good at maths", says the 6 year old,
"Yeah," conversation moves on, but after a couple of minutes he chirps up again:
"So what's your favourite sum?" Asked with an absolutely straight face! Brilliant.

Encounter 2:

One day, cycling home, 2 kids are playing on the path, in the dirt, with a rock:
"Excuse me," says kid 1, "do you know what this is?" pointing at the rock,
"I'm afraid I don't." I respond
"Because I think it might be a baby tyrannosaurus rex,"
"It's a bit small," I point out,
"That's why it's a baby,"
"Also," says the second child, "Oxford was underwater back then,"
"Yeah," agrees the first kid, "I think it's a baby tyrannosaurus shark!"

Encounter 3:

Again with the 6 year old, at breakfast, saying he wants £34 for a pen knife,
"Yeah, pen knives are great," he says,
"You can get pen knives with anything you can think of." I tell him, again a pause of about a minute,
"Can you get one with a mini-fridge in it to chill your raspberries?"