Tom Hamilton

New College, University of Oxford


Description: Description: Description: Description: imageI am a DPhil candidate in History supervised by Dr David Parrott. In my research I am particularly interested in the social and cultural history of early modern France. As an undergraduate I studied at the University of Cambridge and the University of Lille 3.


My thesis is focused on the Parisian diarist and collector Pierre de L'Estoile (1546-1611) and the problem of how and for what purpose he amassed news, texts, and images in his manuscripts and cabinet. I set L'Estoile in the social and material context of his home in the parish of Saint André des Arts and his workplace in the Chancery of the Parlement of Paris. Following L'Estoile’s curiosity has led me to consider a range of topics, including the social history of literature and art, collecting and material culture, crime and criminal justice, religious choice in the post-Reformation, life-writing and microhistory.